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Can you name the villain that dies this way?

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How they diedWho they areMovie initials
Thrown off a cliff by his nephew and killed by hyenasLK
Thrown by father of twins into a reactor core(blue lightning is involved)SWE6:ROTJ
Shot himself in the head to delete his alternate personalityFC
His piece of jewelry is melted in a volcanoLOTR:ROTK
His own glider impales when a certain hero jumps out of the way using his 'sixth sense'SM
The moon shows his true body, he is killed when a gold medallion and blood is returned into to a treasure chestPOTC:TCOTBP
When all three single named bandits meet at a cemetery he is shot by the heroTGTBATU
After a long explanation of events revealing many secrets by a certain inspector he falls to his death by hangingSH
A theatre is burning in an alternate reality of the end of WWII and he is shot by a certain IsraeliIB
This villain throws hats to kill, he is electrocuted while trying to kill an agent who always introduces himself using his last name firstG
How they diedWho they areMovie initials
After succeeding to kill his brother he tries to kill his nephew and sister-in-law by poisoning then is poisoned himselfH
This Doctor of archaeology is attacked by God after trying to gain God's power using the ArkIJ:ROTLA
This morphing robot who takes the form of a cop saying the famous two words, 'Get out,' he is melted when he falls into a vat of molten metalT2:JD
After successfully hacking a false reality he takes part in an epic hand to hand fight while his clones watch in the rainMR
This man who successfully trains the best known 'John Doe' hero he takes a final ride on a subway that has a sudden stopBB
This best known witch is solid one second and evaporates the next (H20 is a pain in the butt)TWOO
After successfully robbing a major corporation his watch fails to keep him from falling to his deathDH
This alien is confused about what is present, past, and future he is blown up in his huge mining ship when one of the best known space ships arrives and blow him to heckST(2009)
This fish is more of a freak of nature than a fish after successfully terrorizing a beach and killing a captain he is shot and his carcass is picked upon by birdsJ
He uses his business partner's prototype suit which is bigger and badder than his partners suit to try and kill his partner he is blown up when their factory reactor is overloaded IM

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