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Host of 9-tailed Fox
Host of 1-tailed Shukaku
Second host of 9-tailed fox and Naruto's mother.
Controls Kikaichu beetles.
Owns Akamaru.
Gave Kakashi his sharingan.
Grandson of 3rd hokage.
Loves potato chips and korean barbecue.
Can use mind transfer jutsu.
1st hokage.Wood-style jutsu
2nd hokage.
3rd hokage.
4th hokage.
5th hokage.also a sanin
6th hokage.has multiple sharingan on his arm
Only user of Byakugan from Kirigakure.
Shy seven-swords man who was assigned to guard the Mizukage.
Can use Hidden Lotus.
Known as Uber-brows.
Toad Sage.
Ressurects the dead Akatsuki Members for the 4th Great Ninja War.A Prehistoric Pokemon also has this name
Has the 1st Hokage's genes
Can summon a giant snake.
What is the name of the snake Orochimaru can summon?
Who attempted to kill the 1st hokage?Has 5-hearts.
He uses shadow based jutsu on his opponents.
Died fighting Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu.
He is immortal.
Eats former members of the Akatsuki.
He is alledgely a 'Good Boy'.
She is Tsunade's personal assistant.
She is Shizune's pet pig.
She is skilled with weopons.
Can use 8 trigrams 64 palms.
Owns Crow.
Can summon weasels.
Gaara's sensei.
Loves Sasuke.
Expert medic ninja from the leaf.
Konohamaru's female teammate.
Controlled the 10-tails.My username.
Host of 8-tailed Ushi-OniRaikage's brother
HintAnswerExtra Hint
Itachi's Akatsuki Partner.
She has a talent with Oragami.
Also known as Pain.
Sasuke's older brother.
Jiraya's Giant toad.
What clan is Nagato from?
Zabuza's partner.Boy who looks like girl
In what chapter of Naruto the manga does Kisame merge with his blade?
Who can use Iron Sand Technique?
She can control and summon demons.
Brings Gaara back to life.
Fat Sound 4 member.
The name of Kisame's sword.(Japanese)Demon Shark
Made himself and his parents into puppets.
Currently owns Zabuza's blade.
What Uchiha's sharingan does Danzo posess in his right eye?
Neji's cousin.Loves Naruto.
Who was theTsuchikage's fat/large escort to the Gokage summit?
Which hidden village DID NOT produce a single Akatsuki member?
What weopon does Haku use?Acupuncture
Who loves to blow things up using hand molded clay?ART IS AN EXPLOSION!!!
What jutsu was used to torture Kakashi?
Naruto's favorite Ramen bar.
What is the name of the summoning jutsu?
What animal does Danzo summon in his battle with Sasuke?
What does Sasuke summon in his battle with Danzo?
What move does Danzo use against Sasuke?
Who is Sasuke's Grandfather?
Who is Choji'sGrandfather?
What is the Male team member's name from Hiruzen's shinobi team?
What is the Female team member's name from Hiruzen's shinobi team?
What is Danzo's last name?
Who uses ink in his jutsu?shares name with weopon
What is Kisame's last name?
What animal can Might Guy summon?Shell
What does Obito Uchiha cover his eyes with?
What land's symbol do shinobi of the leaf wear to symbolize peace?
Tsunade can summon these.
Uses his bones as weapons.
Which base does Karin guard?Direction/compass
What sound 4 member's are twins?
Can summon a giant spider.
HintAnswerExtra Hint
User of Susano'o and Naruto's Rival.
Who hired Zabuza and Haku.Cat
The 3rd hokage summoned this in his battle against Orochimaru.ooh ooh aah aah
What is Sakura's Innerself called?
Reffered to as Bipolar.
What year did the first Naruto short story come out?
What do jonin have in their vest/coat pockets?
Kabuto's clone of Manda.
Naruto's acadamy teacher.
What is Ino's last name?
All of Kankuro's puppets have this mark somewhere on them. has a stinger.
What country is Konahagakure in?
The sexy jutsu is called this in the manga.
Shikamaru says this VERY often.
Who did Asuma get pregnant?
Naruto says this VERY often.
Who did the necklace Tsunade gave to Naruto belong to?
Ino's Father works for this Corps.
What word does Killer Bee have tatooed on his arm?
'Flat Chested' Cloud Shinobi.
Cloud Shinobi that eats potatoes with mayonaise.
Has tight shoulders due to her 'Well-Endowed Figure'.
I can't give you the answer to this one 'I'm too ungraceful'
This frog/toad reffered to as 'Pa' taught Jiraiya Sage Jutsu.
The name of Jiraiya's book series.
Jiraiya loses this before dying.
Makes dinner for Fukasaku, or 'Pa'.
Pain with hair styled back.
Only female Pain.
Pain with wierd neck.
Has 6 ear piercings, 3 in each ear.
Pain with long hair.Sounds like Nintendo.
Portrayed as the Main Pain Form.Looks like Jiraiya's old student.
Nagato and Konan's teammate from back in the day.Has Orange hair.
While floating down to his death Jiraiya called his life a name, like a book title.What was the book title?
What was the sequals name?(Jiraiya's Book/Life)
What book was Naruto told to read?
Who who was Killer Bee training with?
What was Killer Bee's training partners's pet's name?

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