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HintToa NameExtra Hint
Toa Mata of Fire
Toa Mata of Air
Toa Mata of Water
Toa Mata of Stone
Toa Mata of Earth
Toa Mata of Ice
Toa Metru of Fire
Toa Metru of Air
Toa Metru of Water
Toa Metru of Stone
Toa Metru of Earth
HintToa NameExtra Hint
Toa Metru of Ice
Toa Mahri of Fire
Toa Mahri of Air
Toa Mahri of Water
Toa Mahri of Stone
Toa Mahri of Earth
Toa Mahri of IceDead
Toa of PsionicsOnly Male Toa of his Element
Toa of Sonics
Toa of Light
Would be Toa of Shadows in 2008, but was removed due to confusions in the storyline.
HintToa NameExtra Hint
Toa Hagah of Fire
Toa Hagah of Air
Toa Hagah of Water
Toa Hagah of Stone
Toa Hagah of Earth
Toa Hagah of Ice
Toa of MagnetismDead
Toa of Lightning
Toa of Iron

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