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HintOne Piece CharacterExtra Hint
The Warden of Impel Down.Venom-Venom Fruit
The large Koala of Impel Down.
The captain of a crew of clown-like pirates.Chop-Chop Fruit
Can make convincing replicas of himself out of wax with the help of Ms.Goldenweek.Wax-Wax Fruit
Is a cyborg in the Strawhat Pirates.Loves Pop/Soda/Cola
Can transform into another person just as long as he has touched their face.Clone-Clone Fruit
Can stretch like rubber.Gum-Gum Fruit
Maker of 'New Kamaland',Can change a persons Gender.Horm-Horm Fruit
Has more than 2 hands.Hana-Hana Fruit
Leader of the Whitebeard Pirates.Quake-Quake Fruit
Perverted Skeleton.Revive-Revive Fruit
Reindeer Doctor for the Strawhat Pirates.Ate the Human-Human Fruit
Can use three swords at once.DOESN'T HAVE R IN HIS NAME.
Who made Franky a cyborg?
Perverted Skeleton's 'pet' whale's name.rhymes with Lagoon
Perverted Chef.
Can steal peoples shadows.
Personal Doctor for the person who steals shadows.
Commander of Wild Zombies and Surprise Zombies.
Commander of Zombie Soldiers and Zombie Generals.
The Zombie who posseses Luffy's Shadow.
Original Pacifista and one of the 7 Warlords of the Sea.Paw-Paw Fruit
Lost his arm for Luffy.
The Zombie who posseses Zolo's shadow.
HintOne Piece CharacterExtra Hint
The Zombie who posseses Sanji's shadow.
The Zombie who posseses Brook's Shadow.
Falls in love with Luffy.Love-Love Fruit
Has GIANT sword.
Amazing Sniper.Also an amazing Liar!HAHAHA
Who dies in PARAMOUNT WAR?
Who is the Leader of the Mountain Bandits?
Who is Helmeppo's father?
Firetank Pirates Captain.Gang
Bonney Pirates Captain.Glutton
Hawkins Pirates Captain.Magician
On-Air Pirates Captain.Roar of the Sea
The Devil Fruit Luffy ate is called this in Japanese.
Kid Pirates Captain.Captain Kid
Kid Pirates Fighter.Murder Machine
Fallen Monks Pirates Captain.Mad Monk
Drake Pirates Captain.Red Flag
Heart Pirates Captain.Surgeon of Death
Bar Owner and Former Pirate.
Usopp's Father.
Former firstmate with Roger Pirates, and the Pirate King's right hand man.
Leader of The Flying Fish Riders.
Starfish and Designer of Criminal Brand.
Designer in training and octopus fritter shop clerk.Mermaid
HintOne Piece CharacterExtra Hint
Octopus fritter shop owner and former Arlong Pirate.
Navy Headquarters Science Team Leader and Dr.Vegapunk's body guard.
Navy Headquarters Admiral.Real Name-Borsalino
Navy Vice Admiral.
Second of the Gorgon sisters.
Youngest of the Gorgon sisters.
Former Empress of Amazon Lily.
Under Warden of Impel Down.
One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.Whale Shark Fish-Man
Commander of the Blugori in Impel Down.
Security Chief of Impel Down.
Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of The Seven Warlords of the Sea.
He believes power is everything.
Revolutionary of the South Blue.
Former member of the Baroque works.Dice-Dice Fruit
Head Jailer of Impel Down.----of the Rain
Navy Fleet Admiral.'Buddha'
Whitebeard Pirates 1st division Leader.----------Polo
Whitebeard Pirates 3rd division Leader.
Leader of the Baroque Works.
What is the name of the Robots that look like Bartholomew Kuma?
What is the name of the character that appears randomly in crowds?

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