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SectionTopicSample Rule
11.04 - The infield shall be a 90 foot square
22.00 - An APPEAL is the act of a fielder in claiming violation of the rules by the offensive team
33.01(a) - Before the game the umpire shall...require strict observance of all rules governing implements of play and equipment of players
44.10(c.1) - If a game is called, it is a regulation game...if five innings have been completed
55.03 - The pitcher shall deliver the pitch to the batter who may elect to strike the ball, or who may not offer at it, as he chooses
66.02(a) - The batter shall take his position in the batter’s box promptly when it is his time at bat
77.09(a) - It is interference by a batter or a runner when...after a third strike he hinders the catcher in his attempt to field the ball
88.05(b) - If there is a runner or runners, it is a balk when...the pitcher, while touching his plate, feints a throw to first base and fails to complete the throw
99.04(a.2) - The umpire-in-chief shall stand behind the catcher. His duties shall be and count balls and strikes
1010.01(b.4) - The official scorer shall not call the attention of any umpire or of any member of either team to the fact that a player is batting out of turn

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