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Can you name the TV shows whose title has a boy's name (A-Z) in it?

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The letter represents the beginning letter of the boy's name, not of the TV show. I was unable to find a show for U, V, X, and Y that fit this theme.
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Letter: SynopsisTV ShowStar
A: A fourth grader living with his grandparents in a nameless city has a motley assortment of neighbors and friendsFrancesca Smith*
B: An egotistical New York daytime talk show host makes life miserable for his guests and crewDabney Coleman
C: The adventures of three sexy private eyesKate Jackson
D: A fourteen-year-old boy receives ghost powers and uses them to save the worldDavid Kaufman*
E: After winning the lottery, a ne'er-do-well attempts to right the wrongs from his pastJason Lee
F: After winning a high-profile case, two unconventional lawyers and life-long friends are recruited by a large law firmBreckin Meyer
G: A Los Angeles manufacturing plant manager must deal with his wacky family and random mishaps[title figure]
H: A group of misfit lawyers form an unconventional firm, based out of a rundown show storeNathan Corddry
I: The adventures of an ambitious treasure hunter in his youthSean Patrick Flanery
J: A lazy suburban father raises his five children in his large house amidst his wife Cheryl's siblingsJames Belushi
K: The comic misadventures of an intelligent, trouble-making teen and his dimwitted buddy[title figure]
L: After being fired from the 'Mary Tyler Moore Show', a sympathetic man becomes editor of the 'LA Tribune'Ed Asner
M: A gifted young teen tries to survive with his dimwitted, dysfunctional familyFrankie Muniz
N: Based on the movie of the same name, an awkward high school teen and his quirky friends struggle to navigate life in rural IdahoJon Heder
O: Osmosis Jones and his pill pal defend a young boy's body from invading germsPhil LaMarr*
P: Two stepbrothers drive their sister crazy by finding inventive things to do each day of the summerVincent Martella*
Q: A coroner investigates suspicious deaths, which usually suggest murderJack Klugman
R: A successful sports writer must balance his work with a fed-up wife, overbearing parents, and a jealous older brother[title figure]
S: The misadventures of a cantankerous junk dealer and his frustrated sonRedd Foxx
T: The adventures of a group of colorful trains on the Island of SodorMichael Brandon*
W: A gay lawyer and a straight interior designer live together in a New York apartmentEric McCormack
Z: Identical twins live with their mother, a singer, in a hotelDylan Sprouse

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