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Can you name the book series from a title formed by combining one word from each of the actual series titles into one?

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'New' TitleSeriesAuthor
The Arctic Fowl Paradox and its Deception of a Colony
The Adventures Abroad of Finn Sawyer
A Boy Magician's Last Voyage to the Silver Wardrobe of Caspian
The Ransom of Gorlan: On the Macindaw Bridge, North of the Oakleaf Land
The Sea Battle of the Titan's Lost Lightning
A Twilight Eclipse of the Moon…at Dawn?
The End of the Miserable Carnival of Peril in the Bad Hospital Academy Room with no Elevator (nor Window) of Slippery Grotto Village
Da Lost Demons
Return to the Ring Towers
Captain Poopypants vs. Wicked Toilets in the Big Space Battle
Purgatory is not Paradise in an Inferno
The Subtle Amber Lights
Secrets of a Stone Prince: My Deathly Prisoner of Phoenix Fire

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