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Commonly known as 'hang loose', this sign is generally associated with Hawaiian surfing culturea) Shaka
b) Katana
c) Moraka
d) Waiupa'a
The zenith star of Honolulu (the one that rises directly above it) is this fourth-brightest stara) Betelgeuse
b) Sirius
c) Vega
d) Arcturus
This atoll, the northernmost coral atoll in the world, is also the northernmost point in Hawaiia) Bikini
b) Midway
c) Hi'ihau
d) Kure
Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of this weather phenomenona) Rain
b) Lightning
c) Snow
d) Sandstorms
This man, a Democrat, was US President when Hawaii was admitted to the Union on August 20, 1959a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Harry Truman
c) John F. Kennedy
d) Woodrow Wilson
The island flower of Maui is a Cottage Rose of this color, which also serves as the island's representative colora) Pink
b) Red
c) White
d) Yellow
Ka Lae on the Big Island of Hawaii has this distinction among all locations in the United Statesa) Warmest
b) Southernmost
c) Windiest
d) Most Densely Populated
A WWII veteran, this Hawaiian was President Pro Temp until his death in 2012a) Daniel Akaka
b) Neil Abercrombie
c) Ted Stevens
d) Daniel Inouye
The famed Road to Hana, boasting some of the world's best oceanside scenery, is located on this islanda) Big Island
b) Oahu
c) Maui
d) Kaua'i
The highest point on Hawaii is this volcano, standing approximately 13,803 feet (4,207 meters)a) Mauna Loa
b) Mauna Kea
c) Mount Everest
d) Wēkiu
The Big Island of Hawaii is the world's leader in the harvest of orchids and this kind of nuta) Macadamia
b) Pistachio
c) Walnut
d) Pecan
Father Damien settled a colony of people with this disease in the community of Kalaupapa in the 1870sa) Tuberculosis
b) Polio
c) Leprosy
d) Meningitis
A Hawaiian was the first of this denomination to serve in the US Senatea) Asian-American
b) African-American
c) Mexican-American
d) Native American
This naval base on Oahu was the target of a December 1941 attack by the forces of Imperial Japana) Pearl Harbor
b) Honolulu Harbor
c) Kewalo Basin
d) Ala Wai Harbor
Hawaii's first people were most likely these people who probably migrated to Hawaii from the Marquesas Islandsa) Māori
b) Ohana
c) Tahitians
d) Polynesians
The Hawaiian alphabet, from which words such as 'Aloha' come, is comprised of this many lettersa) 26
b) 12
c) 16
d) 30
This animated Disney film set in Hawaii follows the Pelekai family and an alien that lands on Kaua'ia) Lilo & Stitch
b) Pocahontas
c) The Rescuers
d) Saludos Amigos
The last monarch of Hawaii was this ruler, overthrown in 1893a) Kalākaua
b) Lili'uokalani
c) Lunalilo
d) Kamehameha V
Hawaii is the only state in the US that grows this planta) Pineapple
b) Sugar Cane
c) Indigo
d) Coffee
The only royal palace in the United States is this palace in downtown Honolulua) Kahuna Palace
b) Mo'i Palace
c) Keko Palace
d) 'Iolani Palace

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