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General Information
Portrayed by him (in the prequel trilogy)... 
...and him in the sequel trilogy 
Jedi Master 
First Apprentice 
Second Apprentice 
Location of Death 
Lightsaber Color 
Clone Commander 
Name During Exile 
Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Attempted to end blockade of this planet 
With these types of negotions 
Betrayed by this Viceroy 
Fends off these shielded machines 
Met this Gungan on Naboo 
Travels to this underwater nation 
Stops on this planet with master 
Meets this Sith on Naboo... 
...and duels him in this city 
Ascends to this rank 
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Tasked with protecting this senator 
Chases this assassin 
Visits techy friend in this restaurant 
Journeys to this 'nonexistent' planet 
To find this man 
Views this army 
Follows the bounty hunter to this planet 
Captured by this ex-Jedi 
Avoids death by this monster 
Reinforced by Yoda and this Jedi (with Clones) 
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Resceues him from Count Dooku 
Captured by this raspy villain 
Saved by this astromech 
Meets Tion Medon on this planet 
Rides this lizard around 
Drops this, picked up by his Clones 
Survives this attack 
Sees footage of Vader killing these 
Follows Padmé to this volcanic planet 
To battle him (he was Anakin) 
Episode IV: A New Hope
Famous mind-trick lind uttered to searching Stormtroopers 
Takes Luke to cantina here 
Sets a course for this (destroyed) planet 
Killed immediately before this battle 

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