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Can you name the figure, location, event, or other answer to the following questions about Greek mythology?

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Which Nereid, who lives on the island of Ogygia, wished to make Odysseus her husband?
Which god, thrown from Mount Olympus as a child, molded Pandora from the clay of the earth?
Which epic poem recounts the events of the Trojan War, telling the stories of King Agamemnon, King Priam, and the warrior Achilles?
Which multi-headed monster with poisonous blood was the target was the target of the second labor of Heracles?
What is the collective term for the children of Zeus and his aunt Mnemosyne, the nine Goddesses of Arts and Literature?
Which deity, the daughter of Zeus and Metis, is the Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy, and mathematics?
Who is the God of the North Wind, who fathered the Goddess of Snow, Khione, after raping the princess Oreithyia?
Under which mountain did Zeus trap Typhon, the ''Father of All Monsters?''
What is the name of the ship on which Jason and his followers made the voyage from Iolkos to Colchis in search of the Golden Fleece?
What type of creature are the immortal sisters Stheno and Euryale and their mortal sister Medusa, the latter of which was slain by Perseus?
Which of the five rivers of the Underworld marks the border between the mortal world and the realm of Hades?
In which portion of the Underworld are Sisyphus, Tantalus, and Ixion condemned for their crimes?
What is the collective term for Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, the incarnations of destiny?
Who is the primordial deity of darkness, the consort of Nyx?
Which giant child of Chrysaor and Callirhoe is often depicted as a monster with three bodies?
Who was the father of Pegasus by Medusa, Polyphemus by Thoosa, and Arion by Demeter?
On what floating island did the Titan Leto give birth to twins Apollo and Artemis after Hera banned her from having children on 'terra firma?'
Whose life force was tied to a piece of firewood, dying when the brand was completely consumed by flames?
Who is the famed craftsman who constructed the Cretan Labyrinth for Queen Pasiphaë and King Minos?
Who was the mortal mother of Heracles whom Hera prevented from giving birth as retribution for having slept with Zeus?

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