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1Waxy, non-living layer that repels water and protects it from insects, bacteria, and fungi
2Protective, transparent, outer layer that gives the leaf its shape
3Elongated, slender cells containing most of the leaf's chlorophyll where most photosynthesis takes palce
4Rigid cells that protect the vascular tissue and provide for vascular regrowth
5Vascular tissue that transports water and dissolved nutrients throughout the leaf
6Vascular tissue that transports sucrose, glucose and other food throughout the leaf
7Protective, transparent, outer layer on the underside that gives the leaf its shape and houses stomata
8Irregularly shaped cells separated by air spaces that hosue essential gasses
9Sausage-shaped cells that control the opening and closing of the stomata by changing shape due to external factors
10A pore in the leaf by which water vapor and carbon dioxide enter the leaf to be used for photosynthesis
11 (black dots)Microscopic cells that contain chlorophyll and act as the food producers by executing photosynthesis

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