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Can you name the questions to these actual cheese-related answers from Jeopardy!?

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Say Cheese (1990)
$100: Itlain cheesecake is made with this cheese, whose name means 'recooked' 
$200: The 2 cheeses coated with red wax named for towns, one in North Holland province, one in South 
$300: This cheese that has an orange rind originated in Alsace & is named for a city there 
$400: This name refers to natural chedder made in the U.S. & is often confused with processed cheese 
$500: According to legend, it was created when a shepherd left a piece of cheese in a cave for several weeks 
C'Est Cheese (1997)
$100: It's what a turophile is; if you are one, you're in the right category 
$200: Quark is a soft, unripened cheese that may be substituted for this baked potato topping which it resembles 
$300: Gruyere is named for a district in this country's Fribourg Canton, where it was first produced 
$400: This 'Agricultural Worker' cheese is a variety of cottage cheese that's pressed into a loaf 
$500: Hopfenkase, which is flavored with hops, comes from the Westphalia region of this country 
Cheeses of the World (1997)
$200: Creole cream cheese, a speciality of this U.S. state, may be eaten for breakfast with sugar & fruit 
$400: This country is known for its double Gloucester cheese, which is similar to cheddar 
$600: Often ball-shaped & coated with red wax, this cheese originated in a town north of Amsterdam 
$800: This extremely strong-smelling cheese is named for a province in Belgium 
$1000: Originally, this country's Scamorze cheese was made only from water buffalo milk 
Cheese It! (1998)
$100: This pizza cheese is also sold in snack-size strips called string cheese 
$200: This method of dunking bread in bubbling cheese was all the rage in the 1960s 
$300: It may have been the Meaux type of this French cheese the 1814-1815 Congress of Vienna titled 'The King of Cheeses' 
$400: Although it looks like Swiss cheese, Jarlsberg isn't from Switzerland but from this country 
$500: There are 2 types of Muenster cheese: Laitier, made in dairies, & Fermier, made on these 
Pass the Cheese, Please (1998)
$200: It's also called Chester cheese, & some people think it's the cat's meow 
$400: Parmesan is named for Parma, & this other grated cheese is named for Italy's capital 
$600: The 'baby' type of this Dutch cheese, that's similar to Edam, is usually encased in red wax 
$800: This most famous Greek cheese is sometimes described as 'pickled' because it's cured in brine 
$1000: Samsoe is a Swiss-style cow's milk cheese named for an island in this Scandinavian country 
Cheese (1999)
$200: Brick cheese was invented in 1877 in this state, America's Dairyland 
$400: 'Like' this cheese is a synonym for holy 
$600: Societe is considered by some as the world's leading brand of this blue cheese 
$800: This cheese is also called 'rat cheese' 
$1000: This protein that's about 3% of milk's weight is the chief ingredient in cheese 
Cheesy Countries (2000)
$100: Double Gloucester 
$200: Fontina 
$300: Cornhusker 
$400: Danablue 
$500: Emmentaler 
C'Est Cheese (2001)
$100: Americans refer to Emmentaler as this 
$200: King Christian IX is a cheese from this country 
$300: This best-known Greek cheese is pickled in a brine solution 
$400: At the Congress of Vienna, in a contest instigated by Talleyrand, this French cheese won the title 'Le Roi du Fromage' 
$500: This blue-veined cheese made from ewes' milk was a favorite of Charlemagne's 
C'Est Cheese (2002)
$400: The buffalo type of this cheese is made with water buffalo milk 
$800: The poem 'What a Friend we Have in Cheeses!' says, 'Claret, dear, not Coca-Cola, when you're having' this strong cheese 
$1200: The creation of this cheese in the 1900s is credited to a man named David from the central coast of California 
$1600: This blue cheese first sold in Huntingdonshire is the only English cheese with a trademarked name 
$2000: France & Germany both make cheese called this; the blander American version has no rind but is coated in paprika 
Cheeses (2004)
$400: Mozzarella should be this color 
$800: Roquefort is a good bet as the marquee ingredient in this dressing 
$1200: Kraft Cracker Barrel is this type of cheese 
$1600: Mascarpone is the cheese used to layer this Italian-named sponge-cake dessert 
$2000: Fonduta, an Italian version of fondue, is traditionally made with this Italian cheese 

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