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What is the name of the field of science that deals with the history of the Earth and its life, especially as recorded in rocks?
What astronomical entities can be classified as elliptical, spiral, or irregular?
What biologically-hazardous electromagnetic radiation has high frequency, and therefore energy?
What Italian scientist improved upon the telescope and discovered four of Jupiter's moons?
What term refers to the attraction between two bodies of mass?
What is the term that means to cause to sprout or develop, as in seedlings?
What phenomenon refers to the rising temperature of Earth's atmosphere since the late 19th century?
What biological discipline is the study of heredity and variation of organisms?
What term means relating to or utilizing the heat of the Earth's interior?
What nucleobase is paired with cytosine in DNA?
What prefix denotes a magnitude of one billion in the metric system?
What is the term for a mature male or female germ cell usually possessing a haploid chromosome set?
The movement of what large bodies of ice and snow result in cirques and moraines?
What simple sugar (C6H12O6) is a product of photosynthesis and fuels cellular respiration?
What is the name of the taxonomic rank that is one step above species in the Linnaean system?
What vegetation-covered biome occurs naturally on all continents except for Antarctica?
What largest moon of Jupiter is named after one of Zeus's lovers in Greek mythology?
What group of seed-producing plants (i.e. conifers, cycads, and ginkgoes) produce naked seeds not enclosed in an ovary?
What device consists of a spinning wheel on an axis and is often used to measure or maintain orientation?
Which element, named after a country, has an atomic number of 32?
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