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Can you name the significant events that have happened on February 15th?

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2010Canadian Olympian Alexandre Bilodeau wins the country's first home-soil Gold Medal in this sport
1992This documetary television series following law enforcement officials airs its 100th episode on Fox
1980This NHL great, at the time an Edmonton Oiler, ties the NHL record for assists in a single game (7) for the first of three times
1978This escaped murder convicted of bludgeoning and strangling up to thirty victims is recaptured in Pensacola, Florida
1972For the fourth time, Velasco Ibarra is deposed as President of this country
1964The Beatles' 'Meet the Beetles!' album peaks at #1, staying there for this many weeks
1961The eighteen members of the U.S.' team for this sport die in Belgian Sabena 707 Crash
1950Disney releases this princess movie starring Ilene Woods and a glass slipper
1941Duke Ellington first records this jazz standard, written by Billy Strayhorn, that would later become his signature tune
1933Giuseppe Zangara's assassination attempt on this President-elect fails to hit its target, killing Chicago mayor Anton Cermak instead
1932The third Winter Olympic Games conclude in this New York city
1929Seven are killed during this prohibition-era murder during a dispute between Al Capone's South Side Italian Gang and Bugs Moran's North Side Irish Gang
1922This Italian radio pioneer begins regular broadcasting from Essex, England
1916The New York Yankees buy this Hall of Fame third baseman from the Philadelphia Athletics (and the $100,000 Infield) for $37,500
1913The first art show featuring this experimental, innovative type of art opens in New York City
1898This American ship is sunk in Havana due to an unknown cause, killing 258 and sparking the outbreak of the Spanish-American War
1869Charges of treason are dropped against this former President of the Confederate States of America
1862General Grant launches a major assault on this Tennessee fort, which earned him the nickname 'Unconditional Surrender'
1804This east coast state is the last northern U.S. state to abolish slavery
1764This modern-day midwestern U.S. city is founded as a French trading post by Pierre Laclade Ligue
1564This Italian astronomer and physicist, best known for improving the telescope, is born in Pisa, Italy
399This Ancient Greek philosopher is sentenced to death by hemlock poisoning

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