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Can you name the First Names Beginning With the Letter 'A'?

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Rank*First NameNotables
32Blair, Parker, Hawk
54Jackson, Carnegie, Lloyd Webber
65Kinsey, Bowie, Lansbury
68Adams, Poehler
71Kournikova, Oakley, Pavlova
80Bynes, Knox, Bear
99Coltrane, McDermott, in Wonderland
114Dupree, Olsen, Tisdale
104Weasley, King (Excalibur)
116Einstein, Pujols
143Burish, Malysz, Sandler, West
156Copland, Douglas, Rodgers
204Iverson, Greenspan
170Frank, Hathaway, Boleyn
268Thayer Mahan, Nobel, Lord Tennyson, Wegener
268Barone, Van Buren
311Trebek, the Great
319Hepburn, Hollander
378C. York, Davis, and the Chipmunks
414Francis, Dahl, Semeco, Xavier
Rank*First NameNotables
421Scagliotti-Smith, Janney, Goldfrapp
470Joss, Monk, Pasdar
470Agassi, Miller, the Giant
495Palmer, Schoenberg, Schwarzenegger
569Benitez, Herrera, Guerva, Iannucci
673Silva, de Aza, Ramirez, Moreno
673Gatti, Toscanini, Reggio
689Bledel, Mead, Minotis
736Jolie, Grimké
766President Lincoln
914Adams, Breslin, Fillmore
914Garrison, Faccio, Ring (topological algebra)
1257Rios, The Little Mermaid
1376de la Garza, Beard, Dillette
1798Cooper, Silva, Varejao
2397Burnside (Civil War General), Bierce
N/AHitler, Eichmann
N/AAnton Ohno, Greek God of Poetry, 13
N/AFowl, Greek Goddess of the Hunt

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