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Can you name the colleges based on a few of their notable alumni?

Updated Mar 26, 2015

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Tip O'Neill, Leonard Nimoy, Amy Poehler, John Kerry, Matt Hasselbeck
E.E. Cummings, Al Gore, Tommy Lee Jones, Yo-Yo Ma, Conan O'Brien
George Lucas, Jason Reitman, Will Ferrell, John Wayne
John Elway, Tiger Woods, Sandra Day O'Connor, Sally Ride
Regis Philbin, Condoleezza Rice, Nicholas Sparks, Joe Montana
George H.W. Bush, Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver
David Alan Grier, James Earl Jones, Lucy Liu, Tom Brady, Gerald Ford
Andy Griffith, Michael Jordan, Marion Jones, James K. Polk, Mia Hamm
Nancy Cartwright, Jim Morrison, Francis Ford Coppola, Troy Aikman
Antonin Scalia, Bill Clinton, Paul Tagliabue, Patrick Ewing
Barry Bonds, Phil Mickelson, David Spade, Al Michaels
Roger Clemens, Walter Cronkite, Farrah Fawcett, Matthew McConaughey, Renee Zellweger
Jack Nicklaus, R.L. Stine, Bobby Knight, John Glenn
Thomas Jefferson, Jon Stewart, James Monroe, John Marshall
Dick Butkus, Hugh Hefner, Ang Lee
Wilt Chamberlain, Bob Dole, Paul Pierce, Alan Mulally
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Toni Morrison, Bill Nye, Keith Olbermann, Janet Reno, E.B. White
Jeff Foxworthy, Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Varitek
Holly Hunter, Andy Warhol, Ming-Na Wen, Matt Ramme
David Duchovny, Ralph Nader, Brooke Shields, James Madison, Steve Forbes

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