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ClueInitials 'MD'
Star of 'Good Will Hunting' and the 'Bourne' trilogy
The whale in the famous novel by Herman Melville sought by Captain Ahab
Use this if you want to find coins or aluminum cans on the beach
Hereditary muscle disease now talked about in commercial by Clay Matthews; one type is Duchenne
Legendary jazz trumpeter of 'Round About Midnight
Citrus lemon PepsiCo soft drink that comes in Code Red and Baja Blast varieties
A system, or the technology involved in, protecting a ship from ballistic weapons such as torpedoes
The location in which the One Ring was forged and destroyed in 'The Lord of the Rings'
U.S. foreign policy introduced by the 5th President that had a corollary added to it by Teddy Roosevelt
An academic recognition given to those that have undergone study and demonstrating an expertise of a specific field of study
Federal U.S. Holiday observed on the final Monday of May
Schizophrenia, anorexia, or any of several illnesses manifested as psychological or behavioral abnormality
A form of government in which total and supreme power rests with the armed forces
It is located north of the Sonoran Desert in southern California
Any technique, such as ROY G. BIV (for colors of the rainbow), that aids in the memory of something
The belief by Americans that they (the Americans) were obligated to expand westward across the North American continent
Virginia Woolf novel about the life of Clarissa in post-World War I England
It is principally used in dry-cell batteries and in the oxidation of allylic alcohols
The region in southern Vietnam where the world's 10th longest river empties into the sea
The person who is charged with assigning customers to tables in a restaurant or hotel
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