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How well do you know the cars in GTA5?

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Mitsubishi Eclipse (2-door sports car)
Nissan GT-R (2-door coupe)
Lincoln Towncar (4-door luxury sedan)
Range Rover (4-door SUV)
Hummer (4-door SUV)
Dodge Charger (4-door sedan)
Dodge Ram (4-door pickup)
Audi R8 (2-door sports car/convertible)
Ford F150 (4-door pickup)
Ducati 1098 (sport motorbike)
Dodge Caravan (4-door minivan)
Subaru Impreza/Mitsubishi Evo (4-door sedan)
BMW M3 (2-door convertible)
Chevy El Camino (2-door truck)
Chevy Suburban (4-door SUV)
Ford Mustang (2-door muscle car)
Mini Cooper (2-door compact convertible)
Dodge Durango (4-door SUV)
Toyota Prius (4-door hybrid hatchback)
Jeep Wrangler (4-door SUV)
Chevy Camaro (2-door retro muscle car)
Corvette C7 (2-door coupe/roadster)

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