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Forced Order
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Created post-war foreign aid plan for Western Europe
Convicted of perjury
Tax paid for voting
President John F. Kennedy's Attorney General
Bloody Pacific battle in 1942
Leader of Nazi Germany
Perjorative term for someone who wants to shut off relations with foreign nations or stop foreign wars
Soviet dictator 1924-53
Mr. Republican, senator opposed to NATO treaty and New Deal
U.S. ethnic group interned in concentration camps during WWII
Gave African-Americans equality under Constitution
President who succeeded John F. Kennedy
Said 'separate but equal' was not okay
Resigned Presidency after Watergate
Term for killling of 6 million Jews (and 5 m. others) by Nazis
Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1953-69
Black nationalist leader and Muslim convert
Soviet alliance opposed to NATO
Civil Rights lawyer, first African-American Supreme Court justice
Treaty ending WWI, unjustice of it guarantees WWII
President Kennedy's work program to build peaceful relationships with countries at risk of falling to communism
World body designed to stop third world war
What the Soviets signed with the Nazis, 1939
Leader of Nationalist China/Taiwan 1940s-75
Communist leader of Cuba for more than 40 years
Federal program that guarantees income to elderly
Truman's decision that kept half the German capital free
Civil Rights leader who wrote from a Birmingham jail
Said 'separate but equal' was okay
General who commanded at Vietnam
Bank robber and communist leader of Yugoslavia
Organized industrial production for U.S. during WWII
Bloody Pacific Island battle near the end of World War II
Federal program that provided financial aid to senior citizens for medical treatment, part of Social Security
Communist leader of China, Guinness Book of Records Mass Murderer
Term for U.S.-Soviet Tensions after WWII
U.S.-Soviet nuclear disarmament treaty in the 1970s
Roosevelt policy and law that aided allies before U.S. entered war
1937 law Congress passed to keep U.S. out of European wars
Major aircraft carrier battle in Pacific 1942

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