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Stage to start it all
'Beaten By Fruit?'
Known for the Pit of Death
Killer Whales chasing you
'This Must Eggmans Headquaters!'
35 Artificial Chaos Mission
It was in Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure
'Rolling Around at the Speed of Sound!'
Castle of Gravity
It has Silvers Billiard Puzzle
Knuckles guards the Master Emerald there
Sonic had to follow Amy in this park
Metal Sonic challenges you here
Sonic, Knuckles, and Gamma went through the mountains
The first level in Sonic Blast
This level contains Labyrinth Zone act 4
'Only the reaper wins in the end'
The place used to have a giant Gold Sonic Statue
Sonic had to find the king at this place
Tails plane crashed here
'Get a load of this!'
They have a place called 'Bucket 'O Sushi'
'Sonic can't you swim?'
The 4th level of Sonic 2
Were did Silver get kicked by Shadow in the head?
Were did Sonic fight Shadow in SA2 for the first time?
'That tornado is carrying a car!'
The 2nd level from Sonic 1 Game Gear
The largest level in Sonic 3
Its on Onyx Island
'I Promise you...REVENGE!'
A cool futuristic city
'Whos gonna rock the place?'
Slicers, Asterons, and Shellcrackers
'Up and Down and All Around'
The song of the level is called Back 2 Back
The 7th level of Sonic 06 for Sonics story
Locate all 5 Bombs here
Its nickname is 'Not Green Hill Zone'
Eggmans second level in SA2
The 3rd level in Sonic 2
The 4th Level in Sonic Heroes
The 2nd level of Amys Story in Sonic Adventure
Were did Rouge and Knuckles fight in SA2?

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