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Its about a Hedgehog, its pretty obvious
A Kid trapped in a video game
An RPG that takes place in space
Fighting in the street
Rock Paper Scissors!
Dancing Monkey
Teenagers skating
Arcade shoot em up
Female character with Hair Abillities
Has the land of yuria
Its another name for sperm (Not Joking)
Has a living Pencil
Twinkle Twinkle little...
Comic Books are cool
The guy can detach his head
Call this a guy a cab and you will have a crazy time
The game is Egg-citing
The animal loves bananas
Lives underwater
Aliens who love to party
Fighting Aliens
Turns into a wolf
Side Scrolling Shooter
Were is Opa Opa from?
A tetris like game
Insect who is a famous hollywood star
Fighting Game
Robot from the future
Headless Mummy
Has Oasis in it

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