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Can you name the last remaining member of each Survivor tribe when given the tribe name?

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Pagong6th Place - Borneo
TagiWinner - Borneo
Kucha4th Place - Australian Outback
OgakorWinner - Australian Outback
Samburu5th Place - Africa
BoranWinner - Africa
RotuRunner-Up - Marquesas
MaraamuWinner - Marquesas
Sook Jai6th Place - Thailand
Chuay GahnWinner - Thailand
TambaquiRunner-Up - The Amazon
JaburuWinner - The Amazon
MorganRunner-Up - Pearl Islands
DrakeWinner - Pearl Islands
Mogo Mogo6th Place - All-Stars
Saboga3rd Place - All-Stars
ChaperaWinner - All-Stars
YasurRunner-Up - Vanuatu
LopeviWinner - Vanuatu
Ulong7th Place - Palau
KororWinner - Palau
YaxháRunner-Up - Guatemala
NakúmWinner - Guatemala
Casaya4th Place - Panama
La Mina3rd Place - Panama
BayonetaRunner-Up - Panama
ViverosWinner - Panama
Rarotonga5th Place - Cook Islands
Manihiki4th Place - Cook Islands
AitutakiRunner-Up - Cook Islands
Puka PukaWinner - Cook Islands
MotoCo-Runners-Up - Fiji
RavuWinner - Fiji
Zhan Hu5th Place - China
Fei LongWinner - China
Airai4th Place - Micronesia
MalakalWinner - Micronesia
FangRunner-Up - Gabon
KotaWinner - Gabon
Timbira3rd Place - Tocantins
JalapaoWinner - Tocantins
Galu4th Place - Samoa
Foa FoaWinner - Samoa
Heroes5th Place - Heroes vs. Villains
VillainsWinner - Heroes vs. Villains
Espada4th Place - Nicaragua
La FlorWinner - Nicaragua
Zapatera6th Place - Redemption Island
OmetepeWinner - Redemption Island
Savaii4th Place - South Pacific
UpoluWinner - South Pacific
Manono6th Place - One World
SalaniWinner - One World
Kalabaw6th Place - Philippines
TandangCo-Runners-Up - Philippines
MatsingWinner - Philippines
GotaCo-Runner-Up - Caramoan
BikalWinner - Caramoan
Tadhana5th Place - Blood vs. Water
GalangWinner - Blood vs. Water
Solana7th Place - Cagayan
Luzon3rd Place - Cagayan
AparriWinner - Cagayan
CoyopaRunner-Up - San Juan del Sur
HunahpuWinner - San Juan del Sur
NagaroteCo-Runner-Up - Worlds Apart
MasayaCo-Runner-Up - Worlds Apart
EscamecaWinner - Worlds Apart
AngkorCo Runner-Up - Cambodia
Ta KeoCo Runner-Up - Cambodia
BayonWinner - Cambodia
To Tang4th Place - Kaôh Rōng
Chan LohRunner-Up - Kaôh Rōng
GondolWinner - Kaôh Rōng
IkabulaCo Runner-Up - Millennials vs. Gen X
TakaliCo Runner-Up - Millennials vs. Gen X
VanuaWinner - Millennials vs. Gen X
Mana2nd Runner-Up - Game Changers
TavuaWinner - Game Changers
NukuWinner - Game Changers
Soko5th place - Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
Yawa2nd Runner-Up - Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
LevuWinner - Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
Malolo2nd Runner-Up - Ghost Island
YanuyaWinner - Ghost Island
NavitiWinner - Ghost Island

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