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QUIZ: Can you name the OSCARS: Best Visual Effects Winners

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'Come with me, if you want to live.'
How did this win over Batman Returns?
'We spared no expense!'
'Run, _______, run!'
The pig who thinks he's a dog!
'Welcome to Earth!'
'I'm king of the world!'
If you know Shakespeare, you'll know the title...
'What if I told you...'
'Are you not entertained?'
'At dawn, look to the east.'
'That still only counts as one!'
Your friendly neighborhood _________ returns!
'The Eight Wonder of the World!'
'I've got a jar of dirt!'
Polar bears!
Aging backwards must have it's pros and cons.
And no, this is not Shyamalan's movie that may have ruined your childhood.
Was it all a dream?
Seriously, how did this one win over Rise of the Planet of the Apes?!?
'Richard Parker!'
Scientifically inaccurate, but still a good movie!

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