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What is Harry's full name?
When is Harry's birthday?
Where was Harry born?
What was the full name of Harry's father?
What was the full name of Harry's mother?
What day did Harry's parents die?
What is the name of Harry's aunt?
What is the name of Harry's uncle?
What is the name of Harry's cousin?
What was the name of Harry's godfather?
What is the Potter family's vault number at Gringotts?
Harry's family is thought to be related to which ancient wizarding family?
What type of animal was Harry's pet?
What was Harry's pet called?
What animal is Harry's patronus?
Who was Harry's archenemy?
Who was Harry's school rival?
Who is Harry's best male friend?
Who is Harry's best female friend?
Who was Harry's first love interest?
Who did Harry marry?
What is the full name of Harry's first born?
What is the full name of Harry's second born?
What is the full name of Harry's third born?
How old was Harry when he started his first year?
What house was Harry in at Hogwarts?
What was Harry's first broomstick?
What was Harry's second broomstick?
What position did Harry play in Quidditch?
Harry was the leader of what student organisation in his fifth year?
In what year did Harry become Quidditch captain?
What wood is Harry's wand made out of?
What is the core of Harry's wand?
What mysterious present did Harry receive on his first Christmas at Hogwarts?
What did Harry first see in the Mirror of Erised?
What job does Harry go on to do after Hogwarts?

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