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QUIZ: Can You Name Every Film That The Rock Has Starred In!?

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Year Film The Character He Was Playing
1999The Rock
2000Cameo Appearance As Himself
2001The Scorpion King
2003 He played the Scorpion King
2003 Beck
2004 Christopher 'Chris Vaughn, Jr
2005 Elliot Wilhelm
2005 Gunnery Sgt.Asher 'Sarge Mahonin
2006 Sean Porter
2007 Agent Rick 'The Condor' Smith
2007 Boxer Santaros/Jericho Cane
2007 Joe Kingman
2008 Agent 23
2008 Jack Bruno
2009 Captain Charles 'Chuck T.Baker
2010 Derek Thompson/Tooth Fairy
Year Film The Character He Was Playing
2010 Daniel Franklin
2010Detective Christopher Danson
2010Air Marshal
2010 James Cullen
2011 Luke Hobbs
2012 Hank Parsons
2013 John Matthews
2013 Marvin F.Hinton/Roadblock
2013 Paul Doyle
2013 Luke Hobbs
2014 Hercules
2015 Luke Hobbs
2015 Chief Raymond 'Ray' Gaines
2016 Bod Stone
2016 Maui

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