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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who share a last name with AT LEAST two other celebrites/notables?

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Pirates MLB legend (1898-17) 
'The Ring of Nibelung' composer 
'Hart to Hart,' 'Austin Powers' actor 
Author of 'The Color Purple' 
Late actor of 'Fast & Furious' films 
WI gov. ('11--); '16 pres. hopeful 
'Infinite Jest' novelist 
Infamous Albama gov'r. ('63-87) 
Scot leader of 'Braveheart' fame 
2x Masters-winning golfer 
Actress of 'Harry Potter' films 
Discoverer of DNA with Crick 
Star of 'Lord of the Rings' films 
'Westworld,' 'Thirteen' actress 
'West Side Story' actress 
Black educator of Tuskegee Inst. 
'Training Day,' 'Malcolm X' actor 
1st President of the US 
Star of 'Scandal' 
Mormon leader; University founder 
Winningest MLB pitcher; Award 
'Old Man,' 'Harvest Moon' musician  
Hall of fame 49ers QB ('85-99) 
Star of original 'Batman' TV series 
Star of 'The Wire,' 'The Affiar' 
Lakers legend PG; 'The Logo' 
Rap star of 'Stronger,' 'Monster' 
'I'm No Angel' 30's movie star 
7x Al Star Mets 3B since 2004 
'Baby Driver,' 'Hot Fuzz' director 
Architect of Fallingwater, et al. 
Younger airplane-inventing brother 
Actress of 'House of Cards,' etc. 
Elder airplane-inventing brother 
'You're the First, the Last' singer 
'Golden Girls' TV legend 
President of UFC MMA 
Author of 'Charlotte's Web,' et al. 
Frontman of the White Stripes 
Actor of Urkel on 'Family Matters' 
Olympic snow/skateboarder 
Hostess of 'Wheel of Fortune' 
'Fences,' 'Jitney' playwright' 
Frontman of The Beach Boys 
'Idiocracy,' 'Old School' actor 
Ex-child star of 'Matilda' 
'Cars,' 'Wedding Crashers' star 
'The Conjuring,' 'Watchmen' actor 
Actor of Dwight on 'The Office' 
'Bridesmaids,' 'Pitch Perfect' comic 
Pro Bowl Seahawks quarterback 
28th President of the US 
'Girls,' 'Get Out' actress 
Actor of Lando in 'Star Wars' 
Ex-host of 'NBC Nightly News' 
'I Saw the Light' country star 
Frontwoman of Paramore 
Composer for 'Star Wars,' 'E.T.' 
'Game of Thrones' actress 
'Manchester by the Sea' actress 
'Happy' singer; Neptunes producer 
British singer of Take That fame 
'Mrs. Doubtfire' film icon 
Women's tennis star; 23 slams 
Red Sox legend LF ('39-60) 
'A Streetcar Named Desire' writer 

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