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Can you name these celebrities and other notables from the state of Virginia?

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One-Line BioPersonBirthplace
'Scream' series, 'Never Been Kissed' actorBentonville
3x Major-winning tennis star; AIDS activistRichmond
Colonist known as 'The Father of Texas'Wythe County
Current White House Chief StrategistNorfolk
Actor/director of 'Bonnie & Clyde,' 'Reds,' etc.Richmond
Star of 'Speed,' 'The Blind Side,' 'Gravity'Arlington
Musician with & wife of 'The Man in Black'Maces Spring
19th c. KY Sen; Sec of State; CompromiserHanover County
'I Fall to Pieces' country star; Plane crasheeWinchester
Ex-'Today' show, 'CBS Evening News' hostArlington
'Untitled (How Does it Feel)' R&B sex symbolRichmond
'Work It,' 'Get Ur Freak On' rapperPortsmouth
Baptist televangelist; Liberty Univ. founderLynchburg
Iconic Jazz singer; 'The First Lady of Song'Newport News
Creator of 'Breaking Bad'Richmond
9th President of the U.S.; Died in a monthCharles City Co.
'Give me liberty or give...' Founding FatherStudley
1st President of Texas; Large city namesakeRockbridge Co.
Hall of Fame PG for 76ers etc.; 'The Answer'Hampton
3rd US President; Declaration writerShadwell
Top Confederate Army GeneralStratford Hall
Louisiana explorer with partner ClarkIvy
'The West Wing,' 'Parks & Rec' actorCharlottesville
One-Line BioPersonBirthplace
4th US President; Constitution authorPort Conway
ABA/NBA HoF-er; 3x MVP; FT record holderPetersburg
'Wise Up,' 'Save Me' singer-songwriterBon Air
Influential Chief Justice (1801-35)Germantown
5th President of the United StatesMonroe Hall
'I'm Yours,' 'Geek in the Pink' pop-rockerMechanicsville
Comedian; 'Ratatouille' lead voicePortsmouth
17th c. Powhatan woman; Married white guyGloucester Co.
Baptist televangelist; '88 Rep. pres. hopefulLexington
Actor of 'Dr. Strangelove,' 'Patton'Wise
'Bottoms Up' R&B singer; Mr. Steal Your GirlPetersburg
12th US President; Mex-Am War generalBarboursville
'The Way I Are' hip-hop producer/singerNorfolk
Super Bowl-winning Steelers coach since '07Hampton
1831 slave revolt leaderSouthampton
10th President of the United StatesCharles City Co.
MVP & Cy Young Tigers pitcher since '05Goochland Co.
Star Falcons QB (01-15); Dog fighterNewport News
1st President of the United StatesBridges Creek
'Happy' singer; The Neptunes musicianVirginia Beach
28th President of the United StatesStaunton
Infamous shooter of Trayvon MartinManassas

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