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One-Line BioPersonHometown
All-time leading scorer in NBA historyNew York City
'Genie in a Bottle' pop starStaten Island
Filmmaker of 'Annie Hall,' 'Manhattan' etc.Brooklyn
10x All Star small forward for the ThunderBrooklyn
'Little Miss Sunshine,' 'Argo,' 'Catch-22' actorBrooklyn
Iconic actress of 'The Big Sleep,' 'Key Largo'The Bronx
Actor of 'Beetlejuice,' '30 Rock' et al.Amityville
Iconic comedienne of 'I Love Lucy'Jamestown
'The Miracle Worker,' 'The Graduate' actressThe Bronx
Serial killer known as the 'Son of Sam'Brooklyn
'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' rock singerBrooklyn
'Family Affair,' 'Be Without You' R&B starThe Bronx
Star of 'Casablanca,' 'The Maltese Falcon'New York City
Star of 'Ferris Bueller,' 'WarGames,' et al.Manhattan
Youngest Best Actor winner for 'The Pianist'Queens
'SpaceBalls,' 'Young Frankenstein' filmmakerBrooklyn
'The Godfather,' 'Misery,' 'Elf' actorThe Bronx
'All I Want For Christmas is You' pop iconHuntington
Iconic stand-up of '7 dirty words' fameManhattan
'Get Rich or Die Tryin,' 'In Da Club' rap starQueens
'Vacation,' 'Fletch,' 'Caddyshack,' 'SNL' actorManhattan
Bad Boy Records founder; Rapper; ProducerManhattan
'Mama Said Knock...' rapper; 'NCIS: LA' starBay Shore
White-haired CNN host of '[name] 360'New York City
NBC Sports host; Olympics since 1992Queens
Star of 'Mission Impossible,' 'Top Gun' et al.Syracuse
'When Harry Met Sally,' 'Monsters Inc.' actorManhattan
Star of 'Home Alone' films, 'My Girl'New York City
Star of 'Homeland,' 'Romeo + Juliet'Manhattan
'Caddyshack,' 'Back to School' comedianDeer Park
Rat Pack star; 'The Candy Man' singerManhattan
Vermont governor; '04 Dem Pres. hopefulEast Hampton
Alt-pop singer of 'Video Games,' et al.New York City
Mega-star of 'Godfather 2,' 'Taxi Driver,' etc.Manhattan
Librarian of famed Decimal sorting systemAdams Center
Classic pop singer of 'Sweet Caroline'Brooklyn
Acting icon of 'Spartacus,' 'Paths of Glory'Amsterdam
Star of 'Iron Man,' 'Sherlock Holmes' et al.Manhattan
Star & creator of 'The Nanny'Queens
Founder of Kodak; Camera developerWaterville
Star of 'The Social Network,' 'Zombieland'Queens
NBA/ABA legend SF; 'Dr. J.'East Meadow
Current host of 'The Tonight Show'Brooklyn
13th President of the United StatesMoravia
Star of 'Barbarella,' 'Klute,' 'Julia,' etc.New York City
Ex-MN Senator (09-18); 'SNL' writerNew York City
Pop star of 'Poker Face,' 'Bad Romance,' etc.Manhattan
Legend Yankees 1B ('23-39); ALS namesakeManhattan
Titular star of 'Buffy: The Vampire Slayer'New York City
Actor/director of 'Braveheart,' 'The Patriot'Peerskill
Supreme Court Justice since 1993Brooklyn
'Ghost,' 'Color Purple' actress; 'View' co-hostManhattan
Star tight end for the Patriots; Very largeAmherst
Controversial Fox News host since 1996New York City
'Les Miserables,' 'Princess Diaries' actressBrooklyn
Late actor of 'Capote,' 'The Master,' et al.Fairport
Author of 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'New York City
Star of 'The King of Queens,' 'Paul Blart'Mineola
1st Chief Justice; NY gov.; Founding FatherNew York City
'99 Problems,' 'Izzo (H.O.V.A.)' rap iconBrooklyn
1976 Olympic decathlete; Trans advocateMount Kisco
Musician of 'Piano Man,' 'Uptown Girl' et al.The Bronx
'Lost in Translation,' 'The Avengers' actressManhattan
Greatest NBA player ever; 5x MVP Bulls SGBrooklyn
Supreme Court Justice since 2010Manhattan
'Girl on Fire,' 'If I Ain't Got You' pianist/singerManhattan
Late night host of '[name] Live!' on ABCBrooklyn
Host of '[name] Live' on CNN from 1985-10Brooklyn
One-Line BioPersonHometown
3x Cy Young Dodgers pitcher (1955-66)Brooklyn
Disgraced ex-Today Show hostNew York City
'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' pop iconQueens
Fashion designer of Polo, et al.The Bronx
Host of 'The Tonight Show' from 1992-14New Rochelle
7x Olympic medalist swimmer; Robbery liarRochester
Child star of 'Mean Girls,' 'The Parent Trap'The Bronx
Packers coach; Super Bowl trophy namesakeBrooklyn
'Anaconda,' 'Selena' actress; Pop singerThe Bronx
Political comedian & host of 'Real Time'New York City
Comedian of 'Duck Soup,' 'You Bet Your Life'Manhattan
Current 'SNL' star; 'Ghostbusters,' et al.Sea Cliff
Terrorist of the Oklahoma City bombingLockport
Author of 'Moby Dick'New York City
Singer of 'Let it Go;' Broadway legendQueens
1st openly gay US officeholder (in San Fran)Woodmere
'Death of a Salesman,' 'Crucible' playwrightManhattan
Star of 'Beverly Hills Cop,' '48 Hrs.,' etc.Brooklyn
FoxNews' 'The [name] Factor' host until 2017New York City
'Godfather,' 'Scarface,' 'Serpico' film starManhattan
Actress of 'Heroes' & 'Nashville'Yonkers
'Get Out' director; Sketch show with KeyNew York City
Host of 'Millionaire,' 'Live with Kelly/Kathie'The Bronx
Reclusive author of 'Gravity's Rainbow,' etc.Glen Cove
First Lady of 40th President; 'Just Say No'Manhattan
Frontman of the Velvet UndergroundBrooklyn
Actor of 'Superman,' broken neck fameNew York City
Late shock comedienne of 'Fashion Police'Brooklyn
Supreme Court Chief Justice since 2005Buffalo
Founder of Standard Oil; Iconic rich personRichford
Mariners/Rangers/Yankees SS/3B; 696 HRsNew York City
Star of 'Everybody Loves Raymond'Queens
Irish actress of 'Brooklyn,' 'Atonement'The Bronx
32nd President of the United StatesHyde Park
26th President of the United StatesManhattan
Actor of '9½ Weeks,' 'The Wrestler,' et al.Schenectady
Astronomer and original host of 'Cosmos'Brooklyn
Developer of the polio vaccineNew York City
Vermont Senator; '16 Dem. Pres. hopefulBrooklyn
Comic star of 'Happy Gilmore,' 'Billy Madison'Brooklyn
Fabricator & co-host of 'Mythbusters'New York City
Comedienne of 'Inside [name],' 'Trainwreck'Manhattan
Current Senate Minority Leader; NY Sen.Brooklyn
Director of 'Goodfellas,' 'Taxi Driver' etc.Queens
Eponymous sitcom star of 'Bee Movie'Brooklyn
'All Eyez On Me,' 'Dear Mama' rap iconManhattan
Reverend; Black activist; 'PoliticsNation' hostBrooklyn
Star of 'Two & Half Men,' 'Platoon' et al.New York City
Supreme Court Justice since '09; First LatinxThe Bronx
Titular star of 'Rocky' & 'Rambo'Manhattan
Iconic radio shock jock, now on SiriusQueens
Host of 'The Daily Show' from 1999-15New York City
'Zoolander,' 'Meet the Parents' starNew York City
Director of 'JFK,' 'Platoon,' 'Nixon' etc.New York City
'The Way We Were,' 'Yentl' singer/actressBrooklyn
CNN host of 'The Lead' & 'State of the Union'New York City
Current US President; BusinessmanQueens
Escaped slave; 'Ain't I A Woman?' oratorSwartekill
Frontman of Aerosmith; Wearer of scarvesManhattan
Heavyweight champ boxer; Ear-biterBrooklyn
8th President of the United StatesKinderhook
19th c. railroad tycoon; University founderStaten Island
Star of 'Training Day,' 'Malcolm X,' etc.Mount Vernon
Actress of 'SNL,' 'Bridesmaids,' 'The Martian'Canandaigua
Actress of 'House,' 'Tron: Legacy,' 'Her'New York City
Late member of The Beastie BoysBrooklyn
Founder & CEO of FacebookWhite Plains

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