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One-Line BioPersonHometown
'Opposites Attract' singer; 'Idol' judgeSan Fernando
Actor/director of 'Argo,' 'The Town,' et al.Berkeley
'Sin City,' 'Honey,' 'Fantastic Four' actressPomona
Hall of Fame Raiders/Chiefs RB (1982-97)San Diego
Star of 'Black-ish,' 'Kangaroo Jack'Compton
'There Will Be Blood,' 'Magnolia' directorLos Angeles
Rachel on 'Friends;' Various rom-comsLos Angeles
'Married with Children,' 'Anchorman' actressLos Angeles
Frontman of Green DayOakland
Actor of 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Rudy,' etc.Santa Monica
Supermodel; 'Next Top Model' hostInglewood
'Love Song,' 'Brave' singer/composerEureka
Drummer of Blink-182, et al.Fontana
'50 First Dates,' & 'E.T.' actressCulver City
'Transformers,' 'Armageddon' directorLos Angeles
One-named musician of 'Loser,' 'E-Pro'Los Angeles
Titular tar of 'Murphy Brown' et al.Beverly Hills
Actress of 'Blossom,' 'Big Bang Theory'San Diego
Star of 'The O.C.,' 'Hart of Dixie'Los Angeles
Actress of 'American Beauty,' 'Ghost World'Los Angeles
'School of Rock' actor; Tenacious D singerSanta Monica
Voice of Bugs Bunny, other Looney TunesSan Francisco
All-time MLB home run leader; 762 HRsRiverside
'Blue Crush,' 'Superman Returns' actressLos Angeles
5x Super Bowl-winning QB for PatriotsSan Mateo
6x All-Star OF for the BrewersLos Angeles
SCOTUS Justice since 1994San Francisco
'Community,' 'Mad Men,' 'GLOW' actressLos Angeles
Star of 'The Big Lebowski,' 'Crazy Heart'Los Angeles
'No Country for Old Men,' 'Milk' actorSanta Monica
Star of 'Finding Nemo,' 'Broadcast News'Beverly Hills
Chef & host of 'Good Eats,' 'Iron Chef'Los Angeles
Lead guitarist of Fleetwood MacPalo Alto
Bizarre 'Beetlejuice' & 'Batman' directorBurbank
Actress of 'One Tree Hill,' 'Chicago P.D.'Pasadena
Frontman of Arcade FireTruckee
'All That' cast; 'The [first name] Show'Thousand Oaks
'Con Air,' 'Face/Off,' 'Wicker Man' starLong Beach
Singer of 'Bubbly' & 'Realize'Malibu
'All That,' 'Drumline' star; 'Wild n Out' hostSan Diego
Lead actress of 'Freaks and Geeks'Redwood City
Current coach of the Seahawks; née USCSan Francisco
'Zero Dark Thirty,' 'Interstellar' actressSonoma
'Believe' pop icon; 'Moonstruck' actressEl Centro
Iconic TV chef of French food & funny voicePasadena
One-named rapper of 'Gangster's Paradise'Compton
Actress/singer of 'iCarly,' 'Drake & Josh'Los Angeles
'Field of Dreams,' 'Dances With Wovles' starLynwood
Star of 'Breaking Bad;' 'Trumbo, et al.'Los Angeles
'Almost Famous,' 'Jerry Maguire' filmmakerPalm Springs
N.W.A. rapper; 'Friday,' 'Barbershop' actorLos Angeles
'Big Bang Theory,' '8 Simple Rules' actressCamarillo
'Halloween,' 'True Lies' scream queenSanta Monica
'The Voice,' 'Today,' 'Last Call' host; née TRLSanta Monica
Star of 'Cheers,' & lesser shows ('Becker')San Diego
'The Golden Boy' lightweight boxerLos Angeles
Frontman of Rage Against the MachineLong Beach
'Jurassic Park,' 'Rambling Rose' actressLos Angeles
Star of 'New Girl,' '(500) Days of Summer'Los Angeles
Actress of 'The Mask,' 'Charlie's Angels' etc.San Diego
A-List star of 'The Revenant,' 'Titanic,' et al.Los Angeles
Yankees Hall of Famer ('36-51); Hit-streakMartinez
'Gin & Juice,' 'Drop it Like It's Hot' rapperLong Beach
N.W.A. rapper/producer; 'The Chronic'Compton
Actor/director of 'Unforgiven,' 'Gran Torino'San Francisco
'The Dark Knight,' 'Olympus Has Fallen' actorCupertino
'High School Musical,' 'Neighbors' actorSan Luis Obispo
Oingo Boingo singer; Prolific film composerLos Angeles
Mustached 'Big Lebowski,' 'Tombstone' actorSacramento
Titular star of 'Rosemary's Baby'Los Angeles
Comedy icon of 'Anchorman,' 'Elf' etc.Irvine
Star of 'Ugly Betty,' 'Superstore,' et al.Los Angeles
'Norma Rae,' 'Steel Magnolias' starPasadena
Legendary actress of 'Star Wars' et al.Burbank
Zoologist of 'Gorillas in the Mist' fameSan Francisco
Star of 'Silence of the Lambs,' 'Contact'Los Angeles
Star of 'Pineapple Express,' '127 Hours' etc.Palo Alto
'The Road Not Taken' poetSan Francisco
Guitarist and vocalist of the Grateful DeadSan Francisco
'Community,' 'Atlanta' star; 'Redbone' rapperEdwards A.F.B.
4x NASCAR champ ('93-15); #24 carVallejo
'Looper,' 'Snowden,' 'Don Jon' actorLos Angeles
Ex-pornstar of 'The Girlfriend Experience'North Highlands
Talk show host; Creator of 'Jeopardy!' et al.San Mateo
Hall of Fame Padres RF (1982-01)Los Angeles
Star of 'Donnie Darko,' 'Nightcrawler,' etc.Los Angeles
'The Conversation,' 'French Connection' starSan Bernardino
Outlaw country singer of 'Mama Tried' etc.Oildale
Star of the original 'Star Wars' trilogyOakland
Rapper of 'U Can't Touch This,' big pantsOakland
Mega-star of 'Big,' 'Forrest Gump,' etc etc.Concord
5x-All Star SG for the Rockets; 'the Beard'Los Angeles
Lead actress of 'Law & Order: SVU'Santa Monica
Lead actor on 'NCIS' since 2003Burbank
'Lois & Clark,' 'Desperate Housewives' starPalo Alto
Legendary skateboarder of video game fameCarlsbad
Actor of 'Major League,' '24,' Allstate adsSan Mateo
Newspaper titan; 'Citizen Kane' inspirationSan Francisco
'21 Jump Street,' 'Moneyball,' 'Superbad' starLos Angeles
Iconic star of 'Rain Man,' 'Tootsie,' et al.Los Angeles
One-Line BioPersonHometown
Actress of 'The Village,' 'Jurassic World'Los Angeles
'High School Musical,' 'Sucker Punch' actressSalinas
'Almost Famous,' 'Bride Wars' actressLos Angeles
Actress of 'Mad About You,' 'Twister'Culver City
Star of 'Prizzi's Honor,' 'The Addams Family'Santa Monica
Blues singer of 'At Last,' 'I'd Rather Go Blind'Los Angeles
Co-founder of Apple; Turtleneck wearerSan Francisco
'San Andreas' star; Former WWE wrestlerHayward
A-lister of 'Girl, Interrupted,' 'Lara Croft' etc.Los Angeles
Actress of 'The Office,' 'Parks & Rec,' et al.Los Angeles
Actress of 'Double Jeopardy,' 'Heat, etc.Los Angeles
Reality star to 'Keep Up' with; Wife of YeLos Angeles
Titular star of 'Annie Hall;' 'Godfather' etc.Los Angeles
SCOTUS Justice since 1988Sacramento
'Tik Tok,' 'We R Who We R' pop starLos Angeles
10x All Star PG for Mavs, Nets, Suns ('94-13)San Francisco
'The Doors,' 'Batman Forever,' 'Heat' actorLos Angeles
Iconic tennis star; Sexes-Battle winnerLong Beach
'Painter of Light' of oft-licensed pastoralsSacramento
Actress known for Phoebe on 'Friends'Los Angeles
'Transformers,' 'Holes,' 'Even Stevens' starLos Angeles
'King Kunta,' 'Alright,' 'HUMBLE.' rapperCompton
'Enter the Dragon' actor/martial artistSan Francisco
Actress of 'Psycho,' 'A Touch of Evil,' etc.Merced
Frontman of Maroon 5Los Angeles
White House intern involved in sex scandalSan Francisco
Asian-American NBA player of -sanity fameTorrance
Star of 'Gossip Girl,' 'Green Lantern' et al.Los Angeles
'T.J. Hooker,' 'Dynasty,' 'Spin City' actressLos Angeles
Author of 'Call of the Wild,' 'White Fang'San Francisco
Mexican comedian of eponymous ABC sitcomLos Angeles
Frontwoman of Hole; Wife of Kurt CobainSan Francisco
'SNL' alum of 'Rat Race,' 'Benchwarmers'Los Angeles
'Star Wars,' 'Indiana Jones' filmmakerModesto
Comedy partner of Chong; 'Nash Bridges,'Los Angeles
A's & Cardinals slugger of a 70 HR seasonPomona
Secretary of Defense from 1961-68San Francisco
'Idol' runner-up; Star of 'Smash,' 'Scorpion'Los Angeles
5x major-winning golfer since '04; 'Lefty'San Diego
Hall of fame Pacers SG (1987-05)Riverside
Musical theater legend of 'Cabaret,' 'Arthur'Los Angeles
Bombshell of 'Some Like it Hot,' etc.Los Angeles
'Criminal Minds' actor; Ex-'Soul Train' hostOakland
Star US women's soccer striker since 2010San Dimas
Actress of 'Mad Men,' 'The Handmaid's Tale'Los Angeles
Actress known for Karen on 'Will & Grace'Los Angeles
Frontman of Megadeth; Metallica guitaristLa Mesa
Star of 'Spider-Man' films, 'Pleasantville'Santa Monica
'You've Got a Friend in Me' singerLos Angeles
Singer & harpist of 'Sapokanikan,' et al.Nevada City
37th President of the United StatesYorba Linda
'Thinkin Bout You,' 'Pyramids' R&B singerLong Beach
Child actress of 'Full House;' Twin of AshleyLos Angeles
Lead singer of B2K; 'Ice Box,' 'Touch' etc.Inglewood
Youngest Oscar winner for 'Paper Moon'Los Angeles
Child actor of 'The Sixth Sense,' 'A.I.'Los Angeles
'Shakespeare in Love,' 'Iron Man' actressLos Angeles
Army general in Europe during late WWIISan Gabriel
9x All Star PG for Sonics et al.; 'The Glove'Oakland
'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Roman Holiday' starSan Diego
MVP 2B for the Redsox since 2006Woodland
Actor of 'Milk,' 'I Am Sam,' 'Mystic River'L.A. County
Popstar of 'Roar,' 'Firework,' 'Dark Horse'Santa Barbara
'Scarface,' 'Dangerous Liaisons' actressSanta Ana
10x All Star PF for Celtics et al.; 'The Truth'Oakland
Lead of 'Star Trek' films; 'Wonder Woman'Los Angeles
Actor of 'She's All That,' 'Scooby-Doo' etc.Los Angeles
'The Sting,' 'Ordinary People' actor/directorSanta Monica
Hawkeye in Marvel Films; 'Hurt Locker,' etc.Modesto
'Casper,' 'Addams Family,' 'Monster actressSanta Monica
Actor known for Kramer on 'Seinfeld'Culver City
First American woman to go to spaceLos Angeles
'Breakfast Club,' 'Sixteen Candles' actessRoseville
Star of 'The Shawshank Redemption,' et al.West Covina
2x MVP quarterback of the PackersChico
Actress known for Mystique in 'X-Men' filmsBerkeley
Star of 'Felicity' & 'The Americans'Fountain Valley
HOF Bills RB; Probably murdered wifeSan Francisco
Lead actress of 'Twilight' filmsLos Angeles
'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' 'HiMYM' actorLos Angeles
Actor of 'Rushmore,' 'Marie Antoinette'Los Angeles
Dubstep musician of 'Bangarang' et al.Los Angeles
Swimmer who won 7 golds at '72 OlympicsModesto
Actor known for Uncle Jesse on 'Full House'Cypress
'East of Eden,' 'Grapes of Wrath' authorSalinas
Actor of 'Sulu' on Star Trek TV seriesLos Angeles
Child star of 'Heidi;' Drink namesakeSanta Monica
Soul singer of 'Blurred Lines'Los Angeles
Scary actor of 'Machete,' 'Con Air,' et al.Los Angeles
Late star of 'Fast & Furious' filmsGlendale
US Chief Justice (1953-69); CA GovernorLos Angeles
MVP point guard for the ThunderLong Beach
Olympic snow/skateboarder; RedheadSan Diego
All-time great Redsox LF (1939-60)San Diego
Frontman and songwriter of the Beach BoysInglewood
'West Side Story' & 'Gypsy' actressSan Francisco
'Fault in Our Stars,' 'Divergent' actressS.B. County
Legendary golfer of 14 major wins since '96Cypress
Gold medal figure skater at '92 OlympicsHayward
Parody musician of 'Eat It,' et al.Downey

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