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Can you name these celebrities and other notables from the state of Alabama?

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One-Line BioPersonHometown
Former MLB home run king with 755 HRsMobile
Hall of Fame PF; 'Round Mound of Rebound'Leeds
SCOTUS Justice (1937-71); Alabama SenatorHarlan
Legendary Florida St. football coach ('76-09)Birmingham
Jazz musician of 'Mona Lisa,' 'Unforgettable'Montgomery
Current CEO of AppleMobile
All-star center for Pelicans née KingsMobile
Actress known for Monica on 'Friends'Mountain Brook
'OitNB' actress; Transgender activistMobile
Nerd actress of 'The Guild;' 'MST3K' rebootHuntstville
'Gone Girl,' 'Fear the Walking Dead' actressHuntsville
Jazz Age socialite; Wife of F. ScottMontgomery
'Justified,' 'Hateful Eight,' & 'Django' actorBirmingham
Notable Internet vlogger with brother JohnBirmingham
Forward for US Women's Soccer ('87-04)Selma
Heavyweight boxer; Got ear bit by TysonAtmore
'Their Eyes Were Watching God' novelistNotasulga
Star Raiders RB; Royals OF; He 'knows'Bessemer
4x Pro Bowl WR for the FalconsFoley
Famous blind and deaf womanTuscumbia
Civil Rights activist; Wife of Martin LutherHeiberger
Author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'Monroeville
9x Olympic gold track & field athlete ('84-96)Birmingham
Heavyweight boxing champion from 1937-49LaFayette
Trap rapper of 'Lemonade,' 'Wasted' et al.Bessemer
One-Line BioPersonHometown
Hall of fame Giants OF (1951-73); 'Say Hey'Westfield
Senate Majority Leader; Kentucky SenatorSheffield
4-gold medal track athlete at 1936 OlympicsOakville
Star WR for 49ers, Cowboys etc. (1996-10)Alexander City
Iconic Negro League/MLB pitcher (1926-53)Mobile
Civil Rights activist; Didn't give up bus seatTuskegee
U.S. Secretary of State (2005-09)Birmingham
Singer of 'Hello,' 'Endless Love,' et al.Tuskegee
Star QB for the Chargers since 2004Decatur
'Good Morning America' host, née ESPNTuskegee
Actor of Yondu in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'Jasper
U.S. Attorney General; Alabama SenatorSelma
Hall of fame SS, mostly w/ Cardinals ('78-96)Mobile
Oscar-winner of 'The Help,' 'Hidden Figures'Montgomery
Hall of fame QB, mostly with Raiders ('70-84)Foley
Hall of fame WR for the Steelers ('74-87)Tuscaloosa
Hall of fame Packers QB (1956-71)Montgomery
Hall of fame pitcher for Dodgers etc. ('66-88)Clio
Nat'l Champ coach of Clemson footballBirmingham
'21 Jump Street,' 'Foxcatcher' actorCullman
'Law & Order' actor; Tennessee SenatorSheffield
Founder of WikipediaHuntsville
4x DPOY center, mainly w/ Pistons ('96-12)White Hall
Governor of Alabama (1971-79, 1983-87)Clio
'I Saw the Light' country musicianMount Olive

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