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Team, DatePlayerArrested for...
CHA, 1/12/00Reckless driving
CHA, 2/26/00Assault
SAC, 4/12/00Reckless driving (with below)
SAC, 4/12/00Reckless driving (with above)
ATL, 4/17/00Battery of pregnant woman
MIA, 5/6/00Marijuana possession
MIL, 5/19/00Receiving and concealing stolen property
SEA, 6/11/00Assaulting a man who scratched his car
UTA, 6/28/00Participating in a brawl at a high school basketball game
CHA, 7/3/00Inciting a riot; battery on a police officer; resisting arrest
GSW, 7/11/00Marijuana possession
SAS, 8/30/00Reckless driving; fleeing an officer; driving with an expired license
SEA, 9/13/00Assault
CHI, 10/17/00Domestic battery
CHA, 10/22/00 Outstanding traffic violation warrants
UTA, 10/28/00Impersonating a police officer (using an honorary badge); disorderly conduct
WAS, 10/28/00Unlawful entry
UTA, 12/8/00Impersonating a police officer (using an honorary badge); disorderly conduct
CHA, 12/20/00Failure to pay child support
WAS, 12/31/00Assault
WAS, 1/7/01DUI
PHX, 1/18/01Domestic abuse
WAS, 2/4/01DWI
PHX, 2/5/01DWI; marijuana possession
POR, 2/28/01DUI
WAS, 4/9/01Battery. [The warrant was from 1999 and the crime happened in 1995. The battery was allegedly over the O.J. Simpson verdict.]
DEN, 4/16/01Reckless endangerment; illegal use of firearm
SEA, 5/8/01Attempted rape of family nanny
TOR, 6/11/01Domestic battery; driving with a suspended license
UTA, 6/19/01Statutory rape
UTA, 7/23/01Assault; disturbing the peace. [Punched a man for accidentally hitting him with a golf ball.]
GSW, 8/24/01Marijuana possession
POR, 9/6/01Trespassing. [Refused to leave the scene of a nightclub brawl with below.]
POR, 9/6/01Trespassing. [Refused to leave the scene of a nightclub brawl with above.]
LAC, 12/1/01Cohabitant abuse; robbery; false imprisonment
HOU, 12/16/01DUI
MIL, 12/31/01Battery of wife
PHX, 2/8/02DUI
WAS, 4/1/02Speeding. [Drove 120mph in a construction zone.]
POR, 5/1/02Underage drinking
POR, 5/15/02Marijuana possession
HOU, 5/20/02Driving with a suspended license
PHI, 7/16/02Assault
MIL, 7/20/02Domestic battery; assault; unlawful possession of a firearm
PHI, 7/27/07DUI
TOR, 7/29/02Reckless driving
NYK, 8/7/02Reckless driving
CLE, 9/15/02DUI
NYK, 9/30/02Assault of spouse
CHI, 10/13/02Unlawful possession of firearm; driving with a suspended license
POR, 11/22/02Marijuana possession
POR, 11/22/02Marijuana possession
POR, 11/25/02Domestic assault
PHX, 12/14/02Intimidation
NYK, 2/27/03Driving with a suspended license
POR, 3/29/03Marijuana possession
HOU, 4/6/03Marijuana possession
MIL, 4/11/03Assault causing bodily harm (with two below)
MIL, 4/11/03Assault causing bodily harm (with above and below)
MIL, 4/11/03Assault causing bodily harm (with two above)
SEA, 4/24/03Marijuana possession; possession of drug paraphernalia; handgun possession
GSW, 4/29/03Domestic violence
SEA, 5/1/03Assault
GSW, 6/4/03Unlawful possession of a firearm
LAL, 6/9/03DUI
POR, 7/3/03Marijuana possession
LAL, 7/4/03Sexual assault
ORL, 7/7/03Battery of female officer
WAS, 7/13/03Assault
Team, DatePlayerArrested for...
WAS, 8/20/03DUI
HOU, 11/20/03Assault with a deadly weapon
POR, 12/3/03Marijuana possession
SEA, 7/12/04Disorderly intoxication; resisting arrest
BOS, 8/28/04DUI
MIN, 11/25/04Disorderly conduct; trespassing
IND, 11/19/04Assault and battery. [Malice at the Palace]
IND, 11/19/04Assault and battery. [Malice at the Palace]
IND, 11/19/04Assault and battery. [Malice at the Palace]
IND, 11/19/04Assault and battery. [Malice at the Palace]
IND, 11/19/04Assault and battery. [Malice at the Palace]
DEN, 11/15/04Marijuana possession
POR, 6/26/05Animal cruelty
LAC, 6/27/05Unlawful possession of fiream
HOU, 7/7/05Probation violation
DAL, 7/7/05Unlawful possession of firearm
BOS, 8/28/05Aggravated battery. [Broke a man's jaw and ordered friend to shoot a guy.]
SEA, 9/30/05DUI
MIL, 10/1/05Assault
DEN, 11/2/05Missing a court date
PHI, 1/24/06Domestic violence
MIN, 3/3/06DUI
BOS, 3/29/06Failure to stop; operating vehicle to endanger
MIN, 3/30/06Inattentive driving
WAS, 5/27/06Disobeying police (with below)
WAS, 5/27/06Disobeying police
DET, 8/1/06Assaulting a police officer; disorderly conduct; resisting arrest
CHA, 8/16/06Possession of unregistered firearm & unregistered ammunition
WAS, 10/5/06Driving without a license
IND, 10/11/06Criminal recklesness; battery; disorderly conduct
MIA, 10/25/06Non-payment of speeding ticket
MIA, 1/27/07DUI
IND, 2/6/07Battery; disorderly conduct; intimidation (with below)
IND, 2/6/07Battery; disorderly conduct; intimidation (with above)
SAC, 3/5/07Domestic violence
MIA, 4/9/07DUI
BOS, 4/20/07Criminal possession of a weapon
BOS, 4/26/07DUI
DEN, 6/9/07Resisting arrest; interfering with a peace officer
DEN, 6/9/07Reckless driving (killing his passenger)
WAS, 8/2/07Solicitation of prostitution
HOU, 8/5/07Assault; public intoxication
HOU, 8/28/07Assault with a deadly weapon
IND, 9/11/07Marijuana possession; driving without a license
LAL, 9/29/07Disorderly conduct; interfering with a police investigation
DEN, 10/25/07Assault; disturbing the peace; destruction of property
CHI, 1/17/08Public urination; resisting arrest
DEN, 4/14/08DUI
NJN, 5/7/08Assault
CHI, 5/25/08Marijuana possession; open container of alcohol
SAS, 5/31/08DWI
SEA, 5/31/08Concealed weapon
WAS, 6/4/08Reckless driving
NOH, 6/23/08Concealed weapon
DAL, 7/31/08Careless and reckless driving; speed competition
HOU, 8/7/08DWI
PHX, 12/21/08DUI
PHX, 2/15/09Endangerment; reckless driving; excessive speed; failure to use child seat
NJN, 2/15/09Tresspassing (on Boston College's campus)
BOS, 2/26/09DUI
NJN, 3/16/09Disorderly conduct; criminal mischief
LAC, 4/5/09DUI
MEM, 5/13/09Marijuana possession
CLE, 6/24/09DUI
NYK, 8/17/09Driving with a suspended license
DEN, 8/22/09DUI
CLE, 9/17/09Speeding; possession of a handgun
SAC, 11/5/09DUI
WAS, 1/14/10Carrying an unlicensed pistol (in the locker room)
Team, DatePlayerArrested for...
NJN, 1/15/10Possession (of codeine) with intent to manufacture/distribute/sell
WAS, 1/26/10Unlawful possession of a firearm (in the locker room); attempting to carry a pistol without a license
MIA, 2/26/10Resisting arrest; failure to obey a lawful order; driving suspiciously
MIN, 2/28/10DWI
MIA, 3/11/10DUI
NYK, 5/18/10Marijuana possession
DET, 5/19/10Domestic assault
SAC, 5/31/10Reckless driving (at speeds up to 120mph)
MIA, 8/15/10Marijuana possession
IND, 8/15/10Assault; harrassment; menacing; and possession of deadly weapon. [He shoved his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.]
OKC, 8/19/10Sports violence. [He threw at a guy during an International game.]
LAL, 9/8/10Domestic violence
SAC, 11/4/10DUI
MEM, 11/25/10Assault
GSW, 2/4/11DUI
NOH, 2/20/11DUI
ATL, 3/12/11Failure to obey a traffic order; failure to yield to emergency equipment; obstruction
LAL, 4/24/11Battery; public drunkenness; resisting arrest
CHA, 4/29/11Speeding; reckless driving; marijuana posession
DEN, 5/28/11Operating a scooter without a valid driver's license
OKC, 6/10/11Public urination (right in front of city hall)
DAL, 6/14/11Public intoxication
MIN, 6/26/11Marijuana possession; speeding
OKC, 8/13/11Disorderly conduct; public intoxication
POR, 9/9/11Marijuana possession
HOU, 9/22/11Battery (on a female referee of a pick-up game)
DET, 9/24/11DUI; carrying a concealed weapon
GSW, 10/21/11DUI; driving with suspended license; failing to stop
GSW, 12/8/11Bond violation. [He showed up drunk to his court date.]
HOU, 2/29/12Assault
NYK, 5/24/12Failure to appear in court
NYK, 7/15/12DWI
LAL, 7/30/12Driving on suspended license; threatening a police officer
LAL, 11/9/12DUI
PHX, 1/25/13Driving with suspended license; excessive speed
DEN, 1/29/13Failure to appear in court
BOS, 5/19/13Assault
CLE, 7/29/13Battery
HOU, 7/31/13Harrassment
PHX, 8/6/13Marijuana possession; possession of drug paraphernalia
DEN, 8/17/13Physical harrassment; criminal mischief
LAC, 8/30/13DUI
OKC, 8/31/13Domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; domestic abuse in the presence of a minor
BOS, 9/3/13Assault and battery; malicious destruction of property; intimidation of a witness
OKC, 10/10/13Assault
CHI, 2/19/14DUI
NYK, 2/25/14Possession of a firearm
MIN, 4/3/14Domestic assault by strangulation
MIN, 4/6/14Terroristic threats
TOR, 4/7/14DUI
PHX, 5/414Disorderly conduct; resisting arrest
PHX, 5/10/14DUI
MEM, 6/7/14Domestic assault
CHA, 7/10/14Assault
BOS, 8/3/14DUI
GSW, 8/5/14DUI
MIA, 8/7/14Battery
CHA, 9/25/14Domestic assault; destruction of property
LAC, 11/12/14Battery
DEN, 1/23/15DUI
ATL, 4/8/15resisting arrest; obstructing governmental administration; disorderly conduct (at Chris Copeland's stabbing) (with below)
ATL, 4/8/15Obstructing governmental administration; menacing; disorderly conduct (at Chris Copeland's stabbing) (with above)
PHX, 4/21/15Aggravated assault (with below)
PHX, 4/21/15Aggravated assault (with above)
DEN, 7/14/15DUI
IND, 7/28/15Reckless driving; speeding
ATL, 7/30/15Marijuana possession; schedule 1 drug possession
HOU, 11/11/15Operating a motor vehicle in a toll road when prohibited

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