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Broke arm in car crash while reaching for falling pizza boxFootball/Lions/2013
Strained back while eating homemade pancakesHockey/Kings/2012
Got hit in the eye with a penalty flag and went partially blindFootball/Browns/1999
Pinched testicle by athletic cupBaseball/Reds/2006
Injured hand by punching fire extinguisher following lossBasketball/Knicks/2012
Stabbed himself trying to open a DVD double-feature of 'Backdraft' and 'Happy Gilmore'Baseball/Padres/2001
Burned himself after falling asleep in a tanning bedBaseball/Orioles/2002
Tore his ACL while celebrating a 42-yard field goalFootball/Cardinals/2001
Sprained ankle by tripping over waitress who was serving Mayor Michael BloombergBasketball/Spurs/2013
Broke jaw from screaming at teammatesSoccer/Manchester United/1975
Got tendonitis from playing too much GameboyBasketball/Kings/1991
Tripped over dog, twisted ankle in fallFootball/Broncos/2002
Fractured leg celebrating a walk-off grand slamBaseball/Angels/2010
Burned himself while ironing a shirt he was wearingBaseball/Braves/1990
Suffered a sprained neck after headbutting a wall in celebrationFootball/Redskins/1997
Injured ankle by stepping on someone's foot while dancing at a weddingTennis/2011
Burnt corneas by inadvertantly rubbing lotion in his eyes during an Eric Clapton concertBasketball/Suns/1994
Damaged knee cartilage while bowlingBasketball/76ers/2012
Dislocated shoulder during a celebratory hug from Sir Charles BarkleyBasketball/Suns/1995
Severed right forearm from slipping on a McDonald's bagFootball/Broncos/2008
Scraped wrist after sitting on an exercise ball and popping itBasketball/Knicks/2008
Got run over by the tarp machine and suffered a chipped bone in his legBaseball/Cardinals/1987
Sustained major cuts to his body from a glass table he shattered after waking up from a spider-filled nightmareBaseball/Blue Jays/1990
Shot himself in the leg while reaching for gun in his sweatpantsFootball/Giants/2008
Slipped in the shower and ruptured his patella tendonBasketball/Trailblazers/2010
Tore ACL while being restrained in a tirade at first baseBaseball/Padres/2007
Strained neck trying on a hat that was a several sizes too smallBaseball/Brewers/2003
Inflamed wrist from playing too much Guitar HeroBaseball/Tigers/2006
Fell off of a golf cart and broke his wristNASCAR/2011
Gave himself back spasms from sneezingBaseball/Cubs/2004
Tore ACL while celebrating a sackFootball/Lions/2014
Cut open hand while cleaning his bagpipesHockey/Maple Leafs/2000
Strained back while taking off cowboy bootsBaseball/Red Sox/1986
Tore ACL while celebrating a sackFootball/Bears/2014
Cut leg with a motivational ax in the locker roomFootball/Jaguars/2003

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