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Can you name the Brooklyn Nine-Nine guest stars?

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Mlepnos'Pilot,' 'Operation: Broken Feather'
Doorman'The Vulture'
Detective 'The Vulture' Pembroke'The Vulture,' 'Operation: Broken Feather,' 'New Captain,' 'The Funeral'
Dr. Rossi'M.E. Time'
Dustin Whitman'48 Hours'
Jimmy Brogan'Old School'
Fire Marshall Boone'Sal's Pizza,' 'Operation: Broken Feather'
Doug Judy'Pontiac Bandit,' 'The Pontiac Bandit Returns'
Himself (actor, comedian)'Operation: Broken Feather'
Himself (football player)'Operation: Broken Feather'
Kevin6 Episodes
Detective Lohank'The Apartment,' 'Into the Woods'
Teddy'Tactical Village,' 'Unsolvable,' 'The Road Trip'
Lucas Wint'Charges and Specs'
Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch8 Episodes
Lt. Andrew Miller'The Mole'
Sophia Perez'Jake and Sophia,' 'The Road Trip,' 'Defense Rests'
Lynn Boyle'Jake and Sophia,' 'The Pontiac Bandit Returns,' 'Defense Rests,' 'Boyle-Linetti Wedding'
Jack Danger'USPIS'
Marcus6 Episodes
Geoffrey Hoystman'Defense Rests,' 'Sabotage'
Agent Kendrick'Windbreaker City'
Marvin Miller'The Wednesday Incident'
Roger Peralta'Captain Peralta'
Det. Dave Majors'Det. Dave Majors'
Captain Seth Dozerman'New Captain'
Genevieve Mirren-Carter'Boyle's Hunch'
Nick Lingeman'Boyle's Hunch'

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