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Can you name these three famous/notable people who were born in a state capital?

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Montgomery, Alabama
Jazz musician of 'Mona Lisa,' 'Unforgettable,' et al.  
Oscar-winning actress of 'The Help,' 'Hidden Figures' 
Hall of Fame Packers QB; Won first two Super Bowls 
Juneau, Alaska
Expos & Marlins pitcher ('04-05) born without a right hand  
Actor on 'The Young and the Restless' since 1994 
Medal of Honor for Korean War; Only one from Alaska 
Phoenix, Arizona
Star of 1970's 'Wonder Woman' TV series 
Arizona Senator (1953-87); 1964 pres. candidate 
Frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac 
Little Rock, Arkansas
5-star General of Pacific in WWII, Korean War 
Director of 'Loving,' 'Midnight Special,' 'Take Shelter' 
Hall of Fame Orioles 3rd baseman (1955-77) 
Sacramento, California
'Frances Ha,' 'Jackie,' actress; 'Lady Bird' director 
Supreme Court Justice since 1988 
Oscar-winning actress for 'Room' 
Denver, Colorado
Star of 'Home Improvement,' 'Toy Story' 
Director of 'Se7en,' 'Zodiac,' 'Fight Club,' etc. 
Supreme Court Justice since 2017 
Hartford, Connecticut
Author of 'The Hunger Games' trilogy 
Film icon of 'On Golden Pond,' 'Morning Glory,' et al. 
Turn of the century banking titan & financier 
Dover, Delaware
Actor of 'The Green Mile,' 'I Am Sam;' Married a 16 y/o 
Actress of 'Meet the Parents,' 'The Fosters' 
Pirates & Mariners starting pitcher (2003-10) 
Tallahassee, Florida
Pro Bowl Jets/Chargers cornerback; 13 kids & counting 
Emmy-winning actor of 'Arrested Development' & 'Veep' 
Hip-hop singer of 'Buy U a Drank,' 'Bartender,' etc. 
Atlanta, Georgia
Iconic 'I Have a Dream' civil rights leader/orator 
Director of 'Do the Right Thing,' 'Inside Man,' etc. 
Rap icon of 'Stronger,' 'Monster,' 'Jesus Walks,' etc. 
Honolulu, Hawaii
Star of 'The Hours,' 'Moulin Rouge!' 'Australia' 
'Uptown Funk,' 'Grenade,' '24K Magic' pop star 
44th President of the United States 
Boise, Idaho
Idaho Senator (1957-81) 
Pro Bowl Cardinals & Broncos quarterback (1997-06) 
Actor; Voice of Finn on 'Adventure Time' 
Springfield, Illinois
Frontman of The Time; 'The Color Purple' actor 
All-Star Warriors SF/SG; née Nuggets & 76ers 
SNL castmember since 2012; Melania impressionist 
Indianapolis, Indiana
Star of 'The Mummy,' 'Encino Man,' 'Furry Vengeance' 
Host of 'The Late Show' from 1993-15 
Author of 'Slaughterhouse Five' et al. 
Des Moines, Iowa
Gold medal-winning gymnast of 2008 Olympics 
8x Emmy winner of 'Mary Tyler Moore' etc. 
Frontman of Slipknot & Stone Sour 
Topeka, Kansas
Actress of 'Bugsy,' 'American Beauty,' 'The Grifters' 
First black Pulitzer Prize winning poet of 'Annie Allen' 
Kansas Senator since 1997 
Frankfort, Kentucky
Actor of 'Nashville,' Broadway shows 
Rookie shortstop for the Miami Marlins 
2x Tony-winning director of 'Angels in America' et al. 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Bassist & longtime 'American Idol' judge 
Louisiana governor (2008-16); '16 pres. hopeful 
Host of 'CNN Tonight' 
Augusta, Maine
28th & 31st Secretary of State; 1884 pres. loser 
'Star Trek ('09)', 'Conan the Barbarian,' 'G.I. Joe' actress 
Maine Senator from 1995-13 
Annapolis, Maryland
Novelist & poet of 'The Poisonwood Bible' 
Former X Games motocross medalist; NASCAR driver 
3x All-Star Rangers, Yankees 1st baseman ('03-16) 
Boston, Massachusetts
Founding Father; Inventor; On the 100 dollar bill 
Gothic poet/writer of 'The Raven,' etc. etc. 
Actor of 'Ted,' 'The Departed,' 'The Italian Job' 
Lansing, Michigan
Director of 'Ferris Bueller,' 'The Breakfast Club' 
Lakers legend point guard ('79-91); Lakers GM 
Actor of 'Smokey & The Bandit,' 'Boogie Nights' 
St. Paul, Minnesota
Supreme Court Chief Justice from 1969-86 
Author of 'The Great Gatsby' 
Creator of 'Peanuts' comic strip 
Jackson, Mississippi
Deadpan comedian of 'One Mississippi' 
Country star of 'How Do I Live?,' 'I Need You'  
Director of 'The Help,' 'Get On Up' 
Jefferson City, Missouri
'Steve Harvey Show,' 'Barbershop' black comedian 
Lynx WNBA star; UCONN national champion 
Pro Bowl Bengals & 49ers DE (2001-14) 
Helena, Montana
Longtime Montana Senator (1978-14) 
Actor of 'The A-Team,' 'Battlestar Galactica' 
Silver screen star of 'High Noon,' 'Sgt. York' 
Lincoln, Nebraska
Vice President under George W. Bush 
All-Star left fielder for the Royals since 2007 
Actress of 'Boys Don't Cry,' 'Million Dollar Baby' 
Carson City, Nevada
Fantasy author of 'The Belgariad,' 'The Ellenium' 
US Open tennis champion (1912, 1913) 
Pitcher for the Nationals and Yankees (2005-08) 
Concord, New Hampshire
Raptors & Spurs PF (2004-16); 'The Red Mamba' 
Champion female poker player; 'Celebrity Apprentice' 
Supreme Court Justice from 1990-09 
Trenton, New Jersey
Actress of 'Who's the Boss' & 'Transparent' 
Hall of Fame PF; 'The Worm;' Friend of Kim Jong-Un 
Uber-conservative Supreme Court Justice ('86-16) 
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Actor of Vincent Chase on 'Entourage' 
Emmy-winning actress of 'Breaking Bad' 
Metal guitarist & vocalist of Isis & Hydra Head 
Albany, New York
New York Senator since 2009 
Nobel Prize economist & New York Times columnist 
Director of 'Die Hard,' 'Predator,' 'Last Action Hero' 
Raleigh, North Carolina
TV star of 'Dexter' & 'Six Feet Under' 
17th President of the United States 
Actress of 'Westworld,' 'The Wrestler,' 'Thirteen' 
Bismarck, North Dakota
'Talladega Nights,' 'Iron Man,' 'The League' actress 
Consultant & author; Had affair with David Petraeus 
North Dakota Senator (1992-13) 
Columbus, Ohio
4-gold medal-winning gymnast at 2016 Olympics 
Star wrestler of the 70's & 80's; 'Macho Man' 
Children's author of 'Goosebumps' books 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Star Clippers power forward since '09; Big dunker 
Actress of 'The Newsroom,' 'X-Men: Apocalypse' 
Influential Massachusetts Senator since 2013 
Salem, Oregon
Punter for the Patriots since 2013 
Emmy-nominee of 'Angels in America' & 'Weeds' 
Oakland Athletics SS; Formerly of Redsox & Astros 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Pro Bowl Saints wide receiver (2006-15) 
Georgia Rep. ('79-99); House Speaker ('95-99) 
Star Bills running back, formerly of Eagles (2009--) 
Providence, Rhode Island
Filmmaker of 'La La Land' & 'Whiplash' 
Horror writer of 'Call of Cthulu' et al. 
Former host of 'The View,' 'Today,' 'Millionaire' 
Columbia, South Carolina
Comedian & actor of 'Parks & Rec,' 'Master of None' 
Hall of Fame SF, primarily with the Nuggets ('76-91) 
Trap rapper of 'Put On,' 'Soul Survivor,' 'All There' 
Pierre, South Dakota
Pitcher for the Astros, Marinres, Whitesox, etc. ('77-92) 
Silver screen actor of 'Great Guy,' 'Dante's Inferno' 
Stage star of 'One Flew Over...;' '1776' film actor 
Nashville, Tennessee
Co-founder of 'Ramblin Man' Brothers Band 
5x Super Bowl champion Patriots coach 
Iconic 1950's pin-up model turned evangelical 
Austin, Texas
Ex-Gucci designer; 'Nocturnal Animals' director 
Actor of 'Before Sunrise,' 'Boyhood,' 'Gattaca' 
Rapper/singer of 'Hot in Herre,' 'Country Grammar' 
Salt Lake City, Utah
Loud comedienne of eponymous 1990's sitcom 
80's & 90's serial killer called 'The Green River Killer' 
Hall of Fame 49ers quarterback (1984-99) 
Montpelier, Vermont
Sole Admiral of the Navy in US History (1899) 
Vermont Senator since 1975 
Naturalistic painter of 'A Bit of War History: The Veteran' 
Richmond, Virginia
3x Major-winning tennis star; AIDS activist 
Actor & director of 'Bonnie & Clyde,' 'Bugsy,' et al. 
R&B sex symbol of 'Untitled (How Does it Feel?)' 
Olympia, Washington
Palestinian-solidarity activist killed in Israel in 2003 
All-Star Brewers center fielder (1998-07) 
US Men's goalie (1990-07); Tottenham, Sounders, etc. 
Charleston, West Virginia
All-Star Phillies 1st baseman (1985-96); ESPN analyst 
Bongwater musician; 'Panic Room' actress; Perf. artist 
Would-be assassin of Gerald Ford 
Madison, Wisconsin
SNL castmember (1990-95); 'Tommy Boy' star 
Head basketball coach at U. of Texas, née VCU 
Actor of 'The West Wing,' 'Get Out,' etc. 
Cheyenne, Wyoming
'I and Love and You' musician with brothers 
Army command during Operation Torch, Tunisia campaign 
Miami Heat SF, née Raptors; 'Bloodsport' 

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