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Can you name the movie with the highest score on Rotten Tomatoes by an actor with an average below 50%?

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ActorFilmRT score, Avg. career score
Katherine Heigl90%, 24.9%
Taylor Lautner49%, 25.3%
Rob Schneider63%, 25.3%
Ashton Kutcher49%, 25.5%
Martin Lawrence96%, 27.5%
Jessica Alba80%, 31.5%
Kate Hudson88%, 34.4%
Adam Sandler79%, 34.5%
Steven Seagal75%, 34.5%
Kevin Hart87%, 36.4%
Brendan Fraser96%, 36.9%
Tyler Perry95%, 37.6%
Jennifer Lopez*95%, 40.5%
ActorFilmRT score, Avg. career score
Jason Statham79%, 41.2%
Gerard Butler*98%, 41.8%
Sylvester Stallone*95%, 43.2%
Angelina Jolie*87%, 43.4%
Dwayne Johnson77%, 44.7%
Arnold Schwarzenegger100%, 45.1%
Vince Vaughn87%, 45.1%
Jennifer Aniston*97%, 46.5%
John Travolta94%, 47%
Owen Wilson93%, 47.8%
Cameron Diaz93%, 48%
Nicolas Cage95%, 49.1%

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