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Can you name the Active NBA Players Who Have Been Arrested?

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Team* (Date)PlayerOffense
SAC (5/1/02)Underage drinking
SAC (12/2/03)DUI
OKC (10/15/04)Marijuana possesion
NOP (8/25/05)Aggravated battery
CLE (6/9/07)Reckless driving (resulting in death)
CLE (10/25/07)Assault; disturbing the peace; destruction of property
OKC (4/14/08)DUI
CLE (5/7/08)Assault
NYK (5/25/08)Marijuana possession; open container of alcohol
SAC (4/5/09)DUI
IND (2/28/10)DWI
DEN (5/18/10)Marijuana possession
MEM (5/31/10)Reckless driving
MIA (8/15/10)Marijuana possession
IND (8/15/10)Assault; harassment; menacing; possession of a deadly weapon
CLE (5/28/11)Operating a scooter without a valid driver’s license
NYK (6/26/11)Marijuana possession; speeding
TOR (9/22/11)Battery
NYK (1/25/13)Driving with a suspended license; driving with excessive speed
Team* (Date)PlayerOffense
NYK (8/6/13)Marijuana possession; possession of drug paraphernalia
OKC (2/25/14)Possession of an unlicensed firearm
TOR (4/7/14)DUI
HOU (5/10/14)DUI
MIA (6/7/14)Domestic assault
ORL (8/5/14)DUI
LAC (11/12/14)Battery
UTA (4/8/15)Disorderly conduct; resisting arrest
BOS (4/21/15)Aggravated assault
WAS (4/21/15)Aggravated assault
LAC (11/11/15)Operating a motor vehicle in a toll road when prohibited
IND (5/30/16)Domestic violence
GSW (7/10/16)Assault
CLE (8/10/16)DUI; marijuana possession
LAL (3/29/17)DWI
MIN (7/6/17)Driving with a suspended license
SAC (8/9/17)Marijuana possession with intent to sell
ATL (9/29/17)Assault

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