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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'D' first names?

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One-Line BioPerson
2017 National Champ football coach of Clemson U.
Rey in the new 'Star Wars' triology
NASCAR legend who died in a crash in 2001
Pro Bowl tight end for Colts, et al. (2003-13)
Blacklisted screenwriter portrayed by Cranston in biopic
All-star point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers
Oscar-winning director of 'Whiplash' & 'La La Land'
'My Wife and Kids' actor; 'In Living Colour,' et al.
'CBS Evening News' anchor from 1981-2005
90's 'SNL' castmember of 'Wayne's World' fame
Mid-00's comedian & actor of 'Waiting,' 'Good Luck Chuck'
One-named R&B singer of 'Untitled (How Does it Feel?)
Brazilian right back for Juventus F.C.
Lone female driver in Monster Energy NASCAR cup
Current 'James Bond' actor
Actress known for playing Topanga on 'Boy Meets World'
Italian SF/PF of the Los Angeles Clippers; 'Il Gallo'
TV legend of 'Taxi' & 'It's Always Sunny' fame
Middle-ages Italian poet of 'Divine Comedy'
Scottist racer of four Indy 500 wins ('07, '09-11)
Country musician of band Hootie & The Blowfish
Current 'SNL' announcer; Former castmember
Director of 'Requiem for a Dream,' 'Black Swan,' et al.
Former Mets & Yankees All-Star RF with a cocaine problem
Actress of 'Splash' & 'Blade Runner' fame
Children's author of 'Captain Underpants' series
Reclusive comedian of an eponymous sketch show (03-06)
Won Tony for playing Thomas Jefferson in 'Hamilton'
ICONIC musician behind 'Space Oddity,' 'Changes,' et al.
World Golf Hall of Famer; 1997 PGA Champ winner
Famous outdoorsman who died at The Alamo
Founder & CEO of FUBU; Shark Tank panelist
Hall of fame defensive end of the '60s for the Rams
Singer & comedian of Rat Pack & celebrity roast fame
'Singin in the Rain' actress; Mother of Carrie Fisher
Star of 'Will & Grace'
Indian-American New Age medicine advocate
Hall of fame cornerback; Also MLB player; 'Prime Time'
All-star shooting guard for the Raptors
All-star center for the Pelicans (née Kings); Grumpy
Comedian who uses charts; 'Important Things'
Actress of 'Ghost' & 'G.I. Jane' fame
'Starship Troopers' & 'Wild Things' actress; Bond girl
PF for Bulls, Pistons, et al; Friend of Kim Jong-Un
Legendary Yankee shortstop (1995-14)
One-Line BioPerson
'My Best Friend's Wedding,' 'Pure Genius' actor
Mentalist and magician; Does many TV specials in Britain
2011 NBA MVP; Current Cavaliers PG, former Bull
Actor & musician of 'I Love Lucy'
South African arch-bishop & social activist
Lead actor in 'Slumdog Millionaire' & 'Lion'
All-time NFL leader in kick & punt return TDs
Deceased ex-wife of Prince Charles, Icon, etc.
'Annie Hall' & 'The Godfather' actress
Senior Senator from California; Very old
Vice President under George W. Bush
Legendary Argentine soccer player of 70's & 80's
Indian-American conservative of '2016: Obama's America'
13x All-Star Mavericks PF from Germany
Legendary jazz trumpeter of the '40s and beyond
Russian chemist & creator of the Periodic Table
Current Prime Minister of Russia; Former president
Country legend of 'Jolene,' etc.; '9 to 5' actress
Swedish actor best known as Ivan Drago in 'Rocky IV'
Lead actor on both 'The Wire' & 'The Affair'
Warmachine in MCU; Oscar nom. for 'Hotel Rwanda'
Current president of the United States, seriously
Renaissance sculptor and 'Ninja Turtle' name
'Last Dance' singer; 'Queen of Disco'
New Kid on the Block; 'Blue Bloods' actor; Brother of Mark
Former teen idol with his sister Marie
6x Pro Bowl QB for the Eagles in the '00s
Iconic actress of 'Pillow Talk' & 'Calamity Jane'
First black QB to win a Super Bowl (XXII)
Five-star US General of WWII and the Korean War
Actor of kids-show fame alongside Josh Peck
All-star power forward for the Golden State Warriros
Actress of 'E.T.' to 'The Wedding Singer' to 'Blended'
Guitarist & founder of 'Jessica' band with brother Gregg
English comedic actor best known for 'Arthur (1981)'
Pioneer jazz bandleader & composer of early 20th c.
Emmy-nominated actor of 'The West Wing' & 'Psych'
Mega-star of 'Rain Man,' 'The Graduate,' etc. etc.
Manager of the Nationals; formerly Reds, Giants, Cubs
Actor & WWE legend of 'Fast' franchise, et al.
34th President of the United States; 5-star general
12x all-star SG for the Bulls; longtime Heat star
TV actor of 'The Practice,' 'American Horror Story'
White supremacist & mass-murderer at Charleston church
Terrorist behind Boston Marathon bombing

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