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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'W,' 'X,' Y,' & 'Z' first names?

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One-Line BioPerson
[W] HOF 3B for Redsox, Yankees, & Rays (1982-99)
'My Dinner with Andre,' 'Princess Bride' actor; Playwright
Film magnate of Mickey Mouse, World, Land fame
CBS news anchor (1962-81); 'Most trusted man'
'Justified,' 'The Shield,' 'Django Unchained' actor
Black comedian of 'Chris Rock Show,' 'Old Christine,' etc.
29th U.S. President of 'Teapot Dome' infamy
Writer of 'Rip Van Winkle,' 'Legend of Sleepy Hollow'
Singer of 'Good Hearted Woman,' 'Luckenbach, Texas'
'The Great One,' Undisputed best player in NHL history
Actor known for Bunk on 'The Wire;' 'Treme,' 'Suits'
Syndicated daytime TV show host; Former radio DJ
Lead actor of 'Prison Break'
Director/documentarian of 'Grizzly Man,' 'Fitzcarraldo'
Nazi-then-American rocket scientist & space architect
'Rushmore,' 'Life Aquatic,' 'Grand Budapest' director
Star of 'White Men Can't Jump' & 'Blade' series
Infamous Boston gangster & possible informant
Songstress of 'I Will Always Love You,' 'How Will I Know'
EGOT winner of 'Ghost,' 'The View,' stand-up
Actor/famous nerd of 'Star Trek: TNG,' 'Stand by Me'
One of two brothers behind the first plane flight
'The Thing,' 'Cocoon' actor; Diabeetus ads
The final emperor of Germany
Star of 'Men in Black,' 'Independence Day,' 'Fresh Prince'
'Spider-Man,' 'Mississippi Burning,' 'Platoon' actor
The Bard, Elizabethan playwright, 'Hamlet,' etc etc.
Baseball legend for Giants & Mets ('51-73), 'Say Hey Kid'
Basketball HOF power forward/center (1964-1974)
'Whip My Hair' singer; Daughter of previous answer
Actor of Fez on 'That 70's Show;' 'Yo Mamma!' host
Basketball legend ('59-73); 100 pt game; 'The Stilt'
Actress of 'Girl, Interrupted,' 'Heathers,' 'Stranger Things'
Iconic UK Prime Minister during World War II
CNN reporter and host of 'The Situation Room'
Famed 18th c. Austrian composer of 'Ode to Joy,' et al.
28th US president; Former Princeton president
Actor/filmmaker of 'Annie Hall,' 'Manhattan,' etc.
One-Line BioPerson
[X] Retired Spanish midfielder for Liverpool, et al.
All-Star Aruban shortstop for the Redsox
Prime Minister of Luxembourg; Only gay world leader
[Y] 5x All-Star catcher for the Cardinals (2004-present)
Soviet-born comedian of 'What a country!' catchphrase
All-Star Cuban right fielder for the Dodgers
Chairman of the PLO from 1969-2004
Ivorian midfielder for Manchester City; Brother of Kolo
Actress known for voicing Lisa on 'The Simpsons'
Israeli Prime Minister assassinated in 1995
Quotable HOF Yankees catcher (1946-63)
Japanese musician who 'broke up' the Beatles
Screen icon of 'The King and I,' 'The Magnificent Seven'
Became the first man in space in 1961
French fashion designer of eponymous brand; Died 2008
Actress of 'Community' & 'Drake & Josh' fame
Aussie actress known for Sarah Walker on 'Chuck'
[Z] Star of 'High School Musical,' 'Neighbors,' et al.
Star of 'Scrubs,' 'Garden State,' annoying Kickstarters
12th US president; Died after eating bad cherries
Director of '300,' 'Sucker Punch,' 'Watchmen' etc.
British novelist of 'White Teeth,' 'NW,' 'On Beauty'
Kiwi radio DJ/TV host formerly of BBC Radio 1
Member of One Direction; 'Pillowtalk' as solo artist
Famed American socialite of 20's & 30's; Wife of F. Scott
Slovenian-American actor who won Emmy for 'Damages'
Youngest brother of Groucho & Harpo; Did 5 films
Reggae singer of 'Love is My Religion;' Son of icon Bob
Celebrated French soccer player & manager; Headbutter
Swedish striker for Manchester United
Actress of Shoshanna on 'Girls;' Daughter of writer David
'Star Trek,' 'Avatar,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actress
Young actress of 'Why Him?,' 'Before I Fall,' et al.
Titular star of 'New Girl' & '(500) Days of Summer'
Author of 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'
Hungarian actress of 'Moulin Rouge (1952)'; Sis of Eva
All-Star Lithuanian center, mostly for Cavaliers ('96-11)

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