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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'K' first names?

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One-Line BioPerson
Lead actress on 'The Big Bang Theory'
Freshman senator of California
Iconic rapper of 'Stronger,' 'Jesus Walks,' etc. etc.
NBA's all-time leading scorer; Bucks & Lakers center
Scottish actress of 'Doctor Who' & 'Guardians...' fame
Co-host & designer on 'Mythbusters'
German philosopher of 'The Communist Manifesto'
Lead actress of '2 Broke Girls'
Oscar-winning actress of 'Titanic,' & 'The Reader'
'Married... with Children' & 'Sons of Anarchy' actress
Acting legend of 'Bringing Up Baby,' 'On Golden Pond'
Actress of 'Grey's Anatomy' & 'Knocked Up' fame
Co-host of 'Today;' Formerly 'Live with Regis'
'Romancing the Stone,' 'Body Heat,' etc. actress
Director of 'The Hurt Locker, 'Zero Dark Thirty,' et al.
Oscar-winner for 'Misery;' 14-time Emmy nominee
'Dawson's Creek' & 'Batman Begins' actress; Ex of Tom
Pop star of 'Firework,' 'Roar,' 'I Kissed a Girl,' etc.
2x All-Star & Defensive Player of the Year for the Spurs
Star of 'The Matrix,' 'John Wick,' 'Speed,' et al.
Comedic actor of 'MadTV,' sketch show with Peele
'In Living Color' creator; Older bro of Marlon, Damon, etc.
Actress of 'The Imitation Game' & 'Pirates' franchise
Famed guitarist for the Rolling Stones
'Goodburger' actor; Had show with other answer
Hall of Fame tight end for the Chargers (1978-87)
'Since U Been Gone' singer; 'American Idol' winner
Counselor to the president; Trump campaign manager
Frasier on 'Frasier' & 'Cheers;' Sideshow Bob voice
Person with longest 'Jeopardy!' winning streak; Author
Longest-'SNL' castmember; 'All That,' 'Goodburger'
Reality star of 'Keeping Up With...' fame (1/5); model
Mega-star rapper of 'Alright,' 'i,' 'Humble,' etc. etc.
Actor & director of 'Henry V,' 'Thor,' other Shakespeare
Classic country singer of 'The Gambler,' et al.
One-Line BioPerson
TV Star of 'Felicity' & 'The Americans'
Lead actress on 'Scandal'
One-named pop-star of 'Tik Tok,' 'Die Young,' et al.
Future HOF PF for T-Wolves & Celtics; 'The Big Ticket'
Terrorist & likely mastermind behind 9/11 attacks
Reality star of 'Keeping Up With...' (2/5); née Odom
Star of '24,' 'Designated Survivor,' 'Lost Boys,' etc.
Young actress known for Sally Draper on 'Mad Men'
Reality star of 'Keeping Up With...' (3/5); Mrs. West
Late MMA fighter who rose to fame in viral street fights
Hall of fame outfielder for the Twins (1984-95)
Strong-jawed star of 'Paths of Glory' & 'Spartacus'
Actress of 'Spider-Man,' 'Bring it On,' 'Marie Antoinette'
Emmy-winning actress of 'Cheers' & 'Veronica's Closet'
Actor known for Jon Snow on 'Game of Thrones'
All-star shooting guard for the Warriors
Legendary Notre Dame football coach (1918-30)
15x all star; 5x champion SG for the Lakers ('96-16)
7th U.N. Secretary General; From Ghana
Ivorian CB formerly of Man City & Arsenal; Bro of Yaya
First Chancellor of post-war West Germany (1949-63)
Reality star of 'Keeping Up With (4/5); Oldest sister
For the Good Times' singer; 'A Star is Born' actor
Bassist of Nirvana
Star Latvian PF/C for the New York Knicks
Star of 'Veronica Mars,' 'Frozen,' 'When in Rome,' etc.
American Olympic gold medalist figure skater (1992)
Broadway legend; 'Pushing Daisies,' late 'West Wing'
Star of 'Don't Trust the B--' & 'Jessica Jones'
'Silicon Valley,' 'The Big Sick' actor/comedian
Actor of Raj on 'The Big Bang Theory'
Heralded author of 'Slaughterhouse Five,' et al.
Actor best known as Red Forman on 'That 70's Show'
Lead actor of 'Twin Peaks'
Reality star of 'Keeping Up With...' (5/5); Model; Youngest

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