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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'F' first names?

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One-Line BioPerson
One-named Italian male model of romance novel covers
Country superstar of 'This Kiss' & 'Breathe'
Jean Grey in 'X-Men' films; Ex-wife in 'Taken'
Singer & winner of season 3 of 'American Idol'
Indian-American CNN host of '[his name] GPS'
Bombshell actress of 'Charlie's Angels'
All-star for the Blazers, Nuggets, & Mavericks ('82-94)
New Orleans rock and roll musician of mid 20th c.
Iconic actress of 'Bonnie & Cylde,' 'Chinatown' 'Network'
Legendary Italian director of 'La Dolce Vita' & '8½'
Actress & famous nerd of 'The Guild' & 'MST3K' reboot
'Rogue One' & 'Theory of Everything' actress
Current king of Spain
Germany early-romantic composer; 'Italian Symphony'
Captain of first ship to circumnavigate the globe
One-named musician formerly of the Black Eyed Peas
Star Spanish striker for Atlético Madrid
Cuban revolutionary and longtime leader
Child actor star of 'Stranger Things'
Singer-songwriter of 'Criminal' & 'Paper Bag'
Actor of 'Short Circuit' fame; Documentarian
Famed English nurse of the Crimean War
Undefeated mult-weight boxing champion (1996--)
One-Line BioPerson
Oscar-winning actor for 'The Last King of Scotland'
Female rapper of 'Oh Yeah' & 'I'll Be'
Played the iconic lead role on 'The Nanny'
Actress of 'Fargo,' 'Almost Famous,' 'Olive Kitteridge'
Poet of 'The Star-Spangled Banner'
Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas
Hall of Fame RB for the Steelers in the 1970's
Previous French president until May 2017
Crooner & actor of 'My Way,' 'New York, New York,' etc.
Played titular role in 'Malcolm in the Middle'
32nd President of the United States
Author of 'The Metamorphisis' et al.
Actor & dancer of early films; Paired with Ginger
Frontman of Queen
Early 19th c. Polish composer & piano virutoso
Famed escaped slave & abolitionist
Actress of 'Doctor Who' series 3 & 'Law & Order: UK'
Indian actress of 'Slumdog Millionaire' fame
Mexican painter of self-portraits; Played by Salma
German nihilist philosopher; 'God is Dead,' etc.
Classic director of 'Metropolis' & 'M'
Russian author of 'Crime & Punishment'

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