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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'U' & 'V' first names?

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[U] 3x NBA Champ PF for the Heat (2002-present)
18th president of the United States; Civil War general
Star of 'Kill Bill,' 'Pulp Fiction,' & 'Gattaca'
Muckracking author of 'The Jungle,' 'Oil!,' etc.
Ohio State football coach, née University of Florida
Israeli illusionist of spoon-bending fame
9x Olympic gold medalist sprinter from Jaimaca
Bad director of 'Alone in the Dark,' 'Postal,' etc.
Emmy-winning actress for 'Orange is the New Black'
[V] First president of Czech Republic; Playwright
Actress of 'Mary Tyler Moore Show,' & 'Rhoda' fame
Northern Irish singer of 'Brown Eyed Girl' et al.
Actress of 'High School Musical' & 'Spring Breakers' fame
Longtime hostess of 'Wheel of Fortune'
Portuguese explorer; First to reach India from Europe
7x Grand Slam winning tennis star; Sister of Serena
'The Departed,' 'The Conjuring,' 'Bates Motel' actress
'Combat!' actor who was killed shooting 'Twilight Zone'
One-Line BioPerson
Mexian president (2000-06); Major Trump critic
Author of 'Les Miserables,' 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'
Member of the Spice Girls; Model; Wife of David
Aragorn in 'LotR;' 'Eastern Promises,' 'Captain Fantastic'
Fijian golfer & winner of three major championships
Actor of 'Fast and Furious,' 'xXx,' & 'Riddick' series
Chairman of WWE wrestling
Dutch post-impressionalist painter of ear-cutting fame
Actor of 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Dawn of the Dead,' et al.
1986 Heisman from Miami; Journeyman NFL QB ('87-07)
Oscar-nommed actress for 'Fences,' 'Doubt,' 'The Help'
Famed British author of 'Mrs. Dalloway,' et al.
Actress of 'Kill Bill' & 'Independence Day' fame
Star of 'Gone with the Wind,' 'A Streetcar Named Desire'
All-Star Serbian C for the Kings et al. ('89-05); Kings GM
Current president of Russia
5x Pro Bowl, Super Bowl MVP linebacker for Broncos

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