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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'I' first names?

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One-Line BioPerson
Actor of Gandalf, Magneto, other iconic characters
Early Af. American journalist and co-founder of NAACP
Ugandan dictator from 1971 to 1979
British actor of 'The Wire,' 'Luther,' 'Beasts of No Nation'
Australian rapper of 'Fancy' et al.
16th c. Catholic priest; founder of Society of Jesus
Russian ballet composer of 'The Rite of Spring,' et al.
R&B musician known for performing with his wife Tina
Star & co-creator of 'Broad City'
One-named Somali model; Widow of David Bowie
18th c. German philosopher of 'Critique of Pure Reason'
British actress of '28 Weeks Later,' 'Need for Speed' et al.
Hungarian Chairman overthrown in 1956 by Soviets
Indian prime minister ('66-77, '80-84); Assassinated
Swedish director of 'The Seventh Seal,' 'Persona,' et al.
One-Line BioPerson
Swedish actress of 'Casablanca' & 'Notorious' fame
Host & producer of NPR's 'This American Life'
Active Russian model; Wife of Bradley Cooper
Composer of 'White Christmas,' 'God Bless America,' et al.
Scientist who described gravity & invented calculus
Italian actress of 'Blue Velvet,' 'Death Becomes Her'
French actress recently Oscar-nommed for 'Elle'
All-star PG for the Cleveland Cavaliers; 5'9'
Hall of Fame PG for the Detroit Pistons in the 80's
Aussie actress of 'Now You See Me,' 'The Great Gatsby'
Star & creator of HBO's 'Insecure'
16th c. Russian tsar called 'The Terrible'
Ex-wife of current US president; Mother of below
First daughter; Businesswoman & special assistant
Best known as Ramsay Bolton on 'Game of Thrones'

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