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Stage NameBirth Name
Louis C.K.
Angelina Jolie
Buddy Hackett
Jared Leto
Joan Rivers
Skeet Ulrich
Charlton Heston
Alison Brie
Tom Berenger
Johnny Knoxville
Jamie Foxx
Martin Sheen
Mickey Rooney
David Tennant
Portia de Rossi
Jonah Hill
Jack Benny
Gene Wilder
Lee Majors
Phylicia Rashad
James Roday
Frank Oz
Mel Brooks
Andrew Dice Clay
Natalie Wood
Albert Brooks
Elizabeth Banks
Nicolas Cage
Meg Ryan
Kevin Spacey
Paul Reubens
Winona Ryder
Demi Moore
Whoopi Goldberg
Stage NameBirth Name
Anne Bancroft
Marilyn Monroe
J.B. Smoove
Kelly Preston
Keith David
Aaron Paul
Malcolm McDowell
James Brolin
Michael Keaton
Vin Diesel
Tim Roth
John Barrymore
Robert Guillaume
Kat Dennings
Milton Berle
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Helen Mirren
Charlie Sheen
Julianne Moore
Ben Kingsley
Tony Randall
Kevin James
Garry Marshall
Eric Bana
Audrey Hepburn
Michael Che
John Wayne
Madeline Kahn
Bernie Mac
Rock Hudson
Meat Loaf
Alan Alda
Stage NameBirth Name
Jason Alexander
Natalie Portman
Tim Allen
Michael Caine
Tony Danza
Amy Ryan
Jesse Ventura
Buck Henry
Sophia Loren
Slim Pickens
Jon Stewart
Diane Keaton
Brad Garrett
Kirk Douglas
Jet Li
Jennifer Tilly
Kal Penn
Ellen Burstyn
Ice Cube
Cary Grant
Mr. T
Fred Astaire
Olivia Wilde
Judy Garland
Omar Sharif
Woody Allen
Sean Astin
Mos Def
Bruce Lee
Redd Foxx
Elliott Gould
Estelle Getty
Blake Lively

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