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Init.PersonOne-Line Bio
A.A.5-time Oscar nominee; 'Enchanted,' 'Doubt,' etc.
A.A.American tennis star of the 90's and 00's
A.A.Lead actor on 'M*A*S*H*'
A.A.Star of ABC's 'Black-ish'
A.A.Comedian of 'Parks & Rec' & 'Master of None'
A.A.'Chicago Hope' actor & director; Son of Alan
B.B.Longtime host of 'The Price is Right'
B.B.Oakland A's GM; Subject of 'Moneyball'
B.B.'2 Broke Girls' actress
B.B.5-time Super Bowl-winning coach of the Patriots
B.B.Federal Reserve Chairman from 2006-2014
B.B.Director of 'The Incredibles' & 'The Iron Giant'
B.B.Manager of the Colorado Rockies; Former pitcher
B.B.3x World Series-winning manager of the Giants
B.B.All-time MLB home run leader*
B.B.Iconic Swedish tennis player; 11 Grand Slams
B.B.R&B singer; Whitney Houston's husband
B.B.Legendary Alabama football coach from 1958-82
B.B.Comedian/musician who began on YouTube
B.B.Wife of the 41st U.S. President & mother of 43rd
C.C.Inaugural 'SNL' castmember; 'Vacation' star
C.C.Silent film star; 'The Tramp'
C.C.French fashion designer with eponymous brand
C.C.Latino labor and civil rights Leader; UFW founder
C.C.Only daughter of the 42nd president
C.C.30th U.S. President; Silent
C.C.Italian explorer; 'Discoverer' of America
C.C.Lead vocalist of both Soundgarden & Audioslave
C.C.'Friends' actress
C.C.American supermodel with a trademark mole
C.C.'Almost Famous' & 'Jerry Maguire' filmmaker
D.D.Iconic actress of 'Pillow Talk' & 'Calamity Jane'
D.D.TV legend of 'Taxi' & 'It's Always Sunny' fame
D.D.Known for playing Screech on 'Saved by the Bell'
D.D.French philosopher; editor of first Encyclopedia
D.D.Activist who created the US's 1st mental asylums
D.D.WWII Medic; Subject of 'Hacksaw Ridge'
D.D.Hall of Fame Dodgers pitcher of the 1950's & 60's
D.D.'X-Files' & 'Californication' actor
E.E.4x major-winning golfer from South Africa
E.E.'The Breakfast Club' actor; Brother of Charlie
E.E.Star of TV series 'CHiPs'
F.F.Archduke whose death sparked World War I
F.F.Spanish dictator of the mid 20th century
G.G.'Wonder Woman' actress of the DC film universe
G.G.Italian astronomer notably charged with heresy
G.G.Swedish-born actress of the 1930's; 'Grand Hotel'
G.G.Italian general; Lead campaigns to unify Italy
G.G.90's actress of 'Face/Off,' 'Cocktail,' & 'Showgirls'
G.G.NBA Hall-of-Famer for the Spurs; 'The Iceman'
G.G.Arizona congresswoman shot in the head in 2011
G.G.'Rock & Roll Parts 1 and 2' musician; Pedophile
G.G.Actress of 'Once Upon a Time' fame
H.H.Abraham Lincoln's first Vice President
H.H.Founder of Playboy Magazine
H.H.Nazi conspirator; Head of the S.S.
H.H.World-renowned wrestler & sex tape haver
H.H.31st U.S. President
H.H.Hungarian-American magician and escape artist
H.H.English explorer of modern New York & Canada
H.H.Reclusive billionaire, filmmaker, and 'Aviator'
H.H.Vice President under Lyndon Johnson; Senator
H.H.'Mad About You' & 'Twister' actress
H.H.Won Oscar for 'The Piano'; 'The Incredibles' voice
J.J.Pop star; Sister of Michael; Had wardrobe mishap
J.J.Legendary Wild West outlaw & train robber
J.J.Adult film star called 'The Queen of Porn'
J.J.Founding Father; 1st Supreme Court Chief Justice
J.J.Vocalist of The Runaways & her eponymous band
J.J.7-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup champion
J.J.Middle brother of boy band; DNCE frontman
J.J.Cult leader who led mass-suicide in Guyana
J.J.Singer of 'Me and Bobby McGee;' 27 club member
J.J.Irish author of 'Ulysses,' et al.
K.K.Reality star; Wife of Mr. West; Sex tape haver
Init.PersonOne-Line Bio
K.K.Mongol leader; First emperor of the Yuan Empire
K.K.Film/stage actor; Oscar for 'A Fish Called Wanda'
K.K.Actress of 'Pirates' series & 'The Imitation Game'
K.K.'For the Good Times' singer; 'A Star is Born' actor
L.L.Young star of 'Perks of Being a Wallflower,' 'Fury'
L.L.British pop singer of 'Bleeding Love' fame
L.L.'The Truman Show' actress; 3-time Oscar nom.
L.L.Stars on 'Elementary;' In 'Charlies Angels' films
L.L.Troubled star of 'Mean Girls' & 'The Parent Trap'
L.L.Adult film actress of 'Deep Throat' fame
L.L.Country musician; Ex-husband of Julia Roberts
M.M.Known for playing 'Mr. Blond' in 'Reservoir Dogs'
M.M.13x NBA All-Star; the 'Chairman of the Boards'
M.M.Legendary Yankees outfielder of the 50's & 60's
M.M.'WTF' podcast host; Star of eponymous TV show
M.M.Emmy-nominee for 'Justified' & 'The Americans'
M.M.Deaf actrress & Oscar-winner
M.M.90's-00's country-pop singer of 'Concrete Angel'
M.M.Oscar winning actor; 'Alright, alright, alright'
M.M.Current US Senate Majority Leader
M.M.'A Clockwork Orange' actor
M.M.TV Host of 'Extra!,' 'ET,' and now 'E! News'
M.M.Author of 'Gone with the Wind'
M.M.'Gone Baby Gone,' & 'True Detective' actress
M.M.Blonde bombshell of 'Some Like It Hot' et al.
M.M.Singer and actress now starring on 'This Is Us'
M.M.Actress best known as Karen on 'Will & Grace'
M.M.'SNL' alum of 'Austin Powers' & 'Shrek' fame
N.N.'48 Hrs.,' 'Warrior,' & 'Cape Fear' actor
O.O.Rock legend; Black Sabbath frontman; bat biter
P.P.Chilean-born 'Game of Thrones' & 'Narcos' actor
P.P.20th century Spanish abstract artist; 'Guernica'
P.P.10x All-star SF for the Celtics, 'The Truth'
P.P.'The Usual Suspects' & 'Romeo + Juliet' actor
P.P.Cambodian dictator of the Khmer Rouge regime
R.R.1980's California serial killer; 'The Night Stalker'
R.R.Celebrity chef; Host of eponymous daytime show
R.R.40th U.S. President; Actor
R.R.Legendary actor of 'The Sting' & 'Butch Cassidy'
R.R.'All in the Family' actor; Prolific film director
R.R.Canadian actor of 'Deadpool' & 'Van Wilder'
R.R.Coach of the Carolina Panthers; Former NFL LB
R.R.Co-anchor of 'Good Morning America' since 2005
R.R.Film/TV actor of Westerns; Steakhouse namesake
R.R.Actor and comedian whom 'Everybody Loves'
R.R.Best known as Mystique from the 'X-Men' films
R.R.Australian model & DJ; 'Orange is the New Black'
R.R.Overweight Miami rapper known for 'Hustlin''
R.R.Most relevant female MMA fighter
S.S.Oscar-winning actress of 'Thelma & Louise' fame
S.S.Late ESPN anchor known for his catchphrases
S.S.Emmy-winning standup; 'Wreck-It Ralph' actress
S.S.Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy
S.S.Grammy-winner for 'Stay With Me'
S.S.Cubs slugger and bat corker with 609 career HRs
S.S.First Hispanic justice on the U.S. Supreme Court
S.S.Actress of 'Carrie' & 'Coal Miner's Daughter' fame
S.S.Current White House press secretary
S.S.Director of 'E.T.,' 'Jaws,' & other classics
S.S.Iconic actor of 'Rocky' & 'Rambo' franchises
S.S.'Basic Instinct' actress & leg uncrosser
S.S.Actress best-known as Gloria on 'All in the Family'
T.T.Former NFL QB famous for his religiousness
T.T.Hall-of-Fame Buffalo Bills RB of the 90's
T.T.Oft-forgotten daughter of current POTUS
T.T.'What's Love Got to Do With It?' songstress
V.V.Actor of 'Swingers,' 'Wedding Crashers,' et al.
W.W.13th century Scottish knight with a brave heart
W.W.5x Pro-Bowl (2008-12) WR for Patriots & Broncos
W.W.Nerd-icon of 'Star Trek: TNG' & 'Stand by Me'
W.W.Transcendentalist poet; 'Leaves of Grass'
W.W.Current daytime TV host; former 'shock jockette'
W.W.28th U.S. President; Professor
W.W.One of two brothers behind the first airplane
Z.Z.French soccer player & manager; Headbutter

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