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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'C' first names?

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One-Line BioPerson
Reality star; Trans advocate; Olympic decathlete
Baseball's 'Ironman;' Orioles SS (1981-01)
Star of 'Ally McBeal' & 'Brothers & Sisters'
30th President of the United States
MVP quarterback for the Carolina Panthers
'There's Something About Mary,' 'The Mask' star
Duchess of Cornwall; Wife of Prince Charles
Played D.J. Tanner on 'Full House'
Won 5 Emmys for the title role on 'Murphy Brown'
Entrepreneur; Wife of pres. candidate & HUD secretary
19th c. baseball star & HOF for Colts/White Stockings
WNBA-great PG for Phoenix Mercury; Rutgers U star
Model and actor of 'Suicide Squad,' 'Paper Towns'
British actor of 'An Education,' 'The Great Gatsby' etc.
Dutch actor known for Melisandre on 'Game of Thrones'
Astronomer and host of 'Cosmos'
'Spy Kids,' 'Watchmen,' & 'San Andreas' actor
US women's soccer player; Hat trick in 2015 WC final
Singular guitarist of 'Smooth,' 'Black Magic Woman'
Hall of Fame catcher for the Red & White Sox ('69-83)
Former HP CEO & 2016 Republican presidential candidate
All-Star small forward for the New York Knicks
Model & actor known for 'Scary/Epic/Date Movie'
Iconic comedian with eponymous variety show ('68-78)
Legendary singer/songwriter of 'It's Too Late,' etc.
'Sweet' daughter of JFK; Fmr. ambassador to Japan
Legendary actor of Star Wars princess fame
Actor known for Archie Bunker on 'All in the Family'
TV host of 'TRL,' 'Last Call,' 'The Voice,' & 'Today'
Silver screen star of 'North by Northwest' & 'Notorious'
Lead Actor Oscar winner for 'Manchester-by-the-Sea'
British host of 'So You Think You Can Dance?'
2x Oscar winner for 'The Aviator' & 'Blue Jasmine'
The final wife of King Henry VIII
Revolutionary director of 'The Ten Commandments'
'SNL' castmember; Currently impersonates Melania Trump
Black comic of 'Barbershop,' 'Steve Harvey Show'
French Canadian singer of 'My Heart Will Go On'
Host of 'The Dog Whisperer'
Actor known for playing Nate on 'Gossip Girl'
Frontman for Nickelback
Actor of '42,' 'Get on Up,' and 'Black Panther'
'Coloring Book' & 'Acid Rap' musician; Genre is in his name
Small forward for the Memphis Grizzlies; Handsome
Star of 'Step Up,' '21 Jump Street,' 'Foxcatcher'
South African winner of the 2011 Masters
First evolutionary scientist; 'On the Origin of Species'
British singer known for 'Boom Clap,' hook of 'Fancy'
Iconic silent film star of 'The Kid,' 'Modern Times,' etc.
South African actor; Oscar for 'Monster'
Author of 'Jane Eyre'
Star of 'Planet of the Apes,' 'Ben-Hur,' etc.
All star 2B for the Dodgers, formerly of the Phillies
All-star PG for the '04 NBA Champ Pistons; 'Mr. Big Shot'
Son of Sonny & Cher; LGBT advocate; Musician
Iconic Argentine Marxist of Cuban Revolution
Comedian & stoner with partner Tommy Chong
Solider & whistleblower to WikiLeaks; Recently freed
Mononymous singer/actor of 'Believe' & 'Moonstruck'
Played Larry's wife on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
21st President of the United States
Country musician of mid-20th century; 'Mr. Guitar'
Inaugural 'SNL' castmember; Actor of 'Vacation,' 'Fletch'
One-Line BioPerson
In comedy group with brothers Groucho & Harpo
Co-host of HGTV's 'Fixer Upper' with wife Joanna
8x All-Star 3B for the Atlanta Braves (1993-12)
Starlet known for 'Hugo,' 'Carrie,' & 'Kick-Ass'
Legendary comedian of 'SNL,' 'Madagascar' & 'Top Five'
Model; 'Lip Sync Battle' co-host; Wife of John Legend
Batman in 'Dark Knight' series; Oscar for 'The Fighter'
Model of 70's & 80's fame; Ex-wife of Billy Joel
Mega pop star of 'Genie in a Bottle' etc.
Tony-winning stage actor; 'The Good Wife,' 'Mamma Mia'
Italian explorer & so-called 'Discoverer of America'
Martial artist & actor of 'Walker, Texas Ranger,' etc.
'1, 2 Step' & 'Goodies' R&B/hip-hop singer
Irish actor of '28 Days Later,' 'Batman Begins,' etc.
American supermodel known for her trademark mole
'Homeland,' 'Romeo + Juliet' actor
'Shawshank Redemption' actor; Voice of Mr. Krabs
Founder of the American Red Cross
Conservative Supreme Court Justice since 1991
Hollywood legend known for 'Gone with the Wind'
French impressionist painter of 'Impression, Sunrise'
Pop singer; 2nd place on American Idol season 2
3x Cy Young-winning pitcher for the Dodgers
UK Prime Minister from 1945-51
Legendary actor/director; 'Unforgiven,' 'Dirty Harry,' etc.
'Closer,' 'Inside Man,' & 'Children of Men' actor
10x All-Star SG/SF ('83-98), mostly for Trail Blazers
'How I Met Your Mother' & 'The Avengers' actor
French fashion designer with eponymous brand
Singer of 2007 hits 'Bubbly' & 'Realize'
'Suite Life' & 'Rivedale' actor; Twin of Dylan
Secretary of State (2001-05); Four-star general
Standout U. Texas QB of late '00s; On Redskins
Eponymous talk show host; 'Late Night' host ('93-09)
Secretary of State (2005-09)
Actor of 'Friday Night Lights' & 'Nashville' fame
Famous Irish MMA fighter
Lead actror on 'Fresh Off the Boat'
20th century Hotel magnate; Great-grandpa of Paris
Actor of 'L.A. Law' & 'Major League' fame
Wife of assassinated Civil Rights leader & orator
80's child star of 'The Goonies,' 'Stand by Me,' etc.
Author of 'The Road,' 'Blood Meridian,' etc.
19th century railroad magnate; University in Nashville
Junior Senator from the state of New Jersey
Actor on 'Friends,' 'Cougar Town'
Frontwoman of Hole; Widow of Kurt Cobain
Host of 'The Late Late Show' from 2005-14
Hall of fame WR for mostly the Vikings in the 90's
Actor best known as George McFly in 'Back to the Future'
First casualty of American Revolution (in Bos. Massacre)
Emo illusionist who had a show called 'Mindfreak'
Portuguese soccer star for Real Madrid
'Wolf of Wall Street' actor; the 'Mother' in 'HIMYM'
Slapstick comedian with Larry & Moe
Founding member of Tears for Fears
Hall of Fame RB for the Patriots & Jets (1995-06)
British actor on 'The Good Wife/Fight;' Great name
MLB's all time wins leader; Pitching award namesake
Pop star of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' & 'True Colors'
Miranda on 'Sex and the City;' Oscar away from EGOT
Persian emperor (559-530 BCE); Called 'The Great'

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