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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'S' first names?

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One-Line BioPerson
Actor/comedian of 'Borat,' 'Bruno,' 'Ali G' fame
Authoritarian President of Iraq (1979-03)
Current Mayor of London
Actress/model of 'Deep Blue Sea,' 'The Bank Job'
Kim K. & Kanye's son; Presumptive name, imo
First American female astronaut to go into space
Oscar-nommed actress of 'Frida,' 'From Dusk Till Dawn'
Novelist of 'Midnight's Children' & 'The Satanic Verses'
Surrealist artist of 'The Persistence of Memory' et al.
1st & 3rd Pres. of Rep. of Texas, Largest city namesake
Comedian & host of 'Full Frontal;' Ex-'Daily Show'
609 HR-hitting RF mostly for the Cubs (1989-07)
Prolific actor of 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Snakes on a Plane,' etc.
Actress of 'The Best Man,' 'Love & Basketball,' et al.
Star of 'Speed,' 'The Blind Side,' 'Gravity,' etc.
Legendary Dodgers pitcher (1955-66); 3 Cy Youngs
Renowned neurosurgeon; CNN Medical Correspondent
2x Oscar nominee of 'Brooklyn,' 'Atonement,' 'Hanna'
Younger daughter of the 44th U.S. President
'Brave' & 'Love Song' singer; Wrote 'Waitress' musical
2008 Vice President nominee; Alaskan Governor '06-09
Negro league legend pitcher; In NLB & MLB 1926-53
'Today' co-host; Fmr. legal analyst, WH correspondent
Actress of 'Lost in Translation,' Black Widow in MCU
Current governor of Wisconsin; '16 presidential hopeful
HOF SF for championship Bulls teams ('91-93, '96-98)
One-named singer of 'Kiss from a Rose;' Ex of Heidi
First actor to portray James Bond; 'The Rock' et al.
Actor known for Bucky Barnes in MCU, 'The Martian'
'The Fugitive,' 'Day After Tomorrow,' 'CSI: NY' actress
'Hands to Myself' singer; 'Spring Breakers' actress
'Cruel Intentions,' 'Hellboy,' 'Legally Blonde' actress
Corrupt FIFA president (1998-15); Banned for six years
Greatest women's tennis player; 23 singles Grand Slams
Congolese PF for the Raptors, née Magic, Thunder
Co-founder of Google
Spanish defender for Real Madrid since 2005
Armenian-American frontman of System of a Down
Host of 'Late Night;' Longtime 'Weekend Update' anchor
One-named singer of 'It Wasn't Me,' 'Boombastic' fame
Actress of 'The Fault in Our Stars,' 'Divergent,' et al.
Basketball coach at University of Texas, née VCU
One-named Colombian singer of 'Hips Don't Lie,' etc.
Country star of 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman!' fame
Actress who starred on and left '90210' & 'Charmed'
Hall of fame tight end mostly for the Broncos (1990-03)
Hall of Fame Center (1992-11); 'Kazaam' actor; 'Diesel'
Actress of 'Casino,' 'Basic Instict' leg-uncrossing fame
Redhead snowboarder & skateboarder of 2 Olympic golds
American Olympic gold medalist gymnast in 2008
Children's author of 'The Giving Tree,' poetry books
Civil War historian of Ken Burns' documentary fame
Casino magnate; Republican political MEGA donor
Actress best known for Wendy in 'The Shining'
Agent Morgan on 'Criminal Minds;' 'Soul Train' host
Fox News host of '[his name] Reporting'
Actress known for Audrey Horne on 'Twin Peaks'
'The View' co-host ('07-14); 'Less Than Perfect' actress
Democratic Senator from Ohio since 2007
Singer-songwriter of 'Soak Up the Sun' & other hits
One-Line BioPerson
Odd actor of 'Holes,' 'Transformers,' 'Disturbia' et al.
Israeli Prime Minister (1995-96), President (2007-14)
Current Prime Minister of Japan^
Child star of 'Bright Eyes,' 'Heidi;' Tasty drink namesake
TV creator of 'Scandal,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' et al.
One-named singer of 'Chandelier,' 'Elastic Heart'
Sex Pistols bassist who died at 21
Star center for the Pittsburgh Penguins since 2005
British actress of 'Foxcatcher,' 'American Sniper' et al.
Founder of psychoanalysis; Had thoughts on cigars
Star of 'Alien,' 'Ghostbusters,' 'Avatar,' et al.
Italian PM ('94-95, '01-06, '08-11); Media tycoon
Music exec; 'AGT,' 'BGT,' 'X-Factor,' 'American Idol' judge
French feminist writer of 'The Second Sex,' et al.
Novelist of 'Babbit,' 'It Can't Happen Here,' etc.
Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy
'Carrie' & 'Coal Miner's Daughter' actress
'Scream,' 'Jericho' actor; Currently on 'Riverdale'
Sports blowhard of 'Undisputed,' née 'First Take'
Cowboy actor of 'Dr. Strangelove' & 'Blazing Saddles
Serbian/Yugoslavian president (1991-00); Died in prison
Frontman of his Family funk band of 'Everyday People'
Director of 'Lost in Translation,' 'Marie Antoinette'
Escaped slave; Abolition & women's rights advocate
Author of 'Twelve Years a Slave;' Played by Chiwetel
First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice (since 2009)
50's/60's heavyweight who famously lost to Ali twice
Italian acting legend of 'Two Women,' 'El Cid,' etc.
Sansa on 'Game of Thrones;' Young Jean Grey in 'X-Men'
19th c. Danish existentialist of 'Fear and Trembling,' et al.
Classic actor of 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner,' et al.
Director of 'Do the Right Thing,' 'Malcolm X,' 'Inside Man'
Nixon Vice President who resigned in disgrace
NBA PG who won the 1986 dunk contest at 5'7
Actress of 'Clueless' fame; FoxNews co-host
Star WWE diva & model of the 2000's
Marvel comic book creator & cameo-maker
Actress known for starring on 'Castle' for 8 seasons
Filmmaker of 'The Shining,' 'Dr. Strangelove,' etc. etc.
Retired German female tennis star w/ 22 Grand Slam wins
Two-time MVP point guard for the Warriors
Author of the 'Twilight' novels
Co-founder and longtime CEO of Apple
Blind singer & pianist of 'Superstition,' etc.
Prolific director of 'E.T.,' 'Schindler's List,' 'Jaws,' etc.
Swedish writer of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' et al.
Civil Rights activist; SNCC leader; Black Panther
Famed Confederate Civil War general who died in 1863
South Carolina senator from 1956-03; Fairly racist
Late ESPN anchor known for his hip-hop catchphrases
Alt-country musician of 'In Bloom,' 'A Call to Arms'
WNBA legend PG for Seattle Storm since 2002
One-named, 1st President of Indonesia 1945-67
Actress best known for River in 'Firefly' & 'Serenity
Famed American suffrage advocate; Arrested for voting
2x-Tony-winner of 'Anything Goes,' 'Younger' on TVLand
Young adult novelist of the 'Hunger Games' trilogy
Longtime ESPN NFL reporter; 'Monday Night Countdown'
Iconic actor of 'Rocky,' 'Rambo,' etc.
Depressed poet & writer of 'The Bell Jar,' et al.

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