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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who have DIFFERENT* 'T' first names?

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Eldest son of 2012 presidential loser
British singer with 2009 mega-hit 'Dynamite'
'American Horror Story,' 'Bling Ring' actress; Sis of Vera
PF for the Timberwolves, née Bulls; Not the Mahal
Actress known for roles in 'The Godfather' & 'Rocky'
Brooklyn rapper/activist of 'Get By,' 'Push Thru,' et al.
One of two stars of 'Sister, Sister'
Junior Senator from Illinois; Lost leg in Iraq
Bad actress of 'American Pie,' 'Van Wilder,' 'Sharknado'
Star of 'Empire;' Oscar nom for 'Benjamin Button'
'SNL' cast 2010-16; '12 Years a Slave;' Married to Cobie
Star of 'Kingsman,' 'Eddie the Eagle,' 'Sing!'
Actress/musician of '8 Mile,' 'Orange is the New Black'
Director of 'The Help,' 'The Girl on the Train,' et al.
Star (or stars, rather) of 'Orphan Black'
Won Oscar for 'Paper Moon' at 10 years old
Actress known for Ashley Banks on 'Fresh Prince'
Young founder & editor-in-chief of 'Rookie Magazine'
PBS talk show host; Author on black issues
Internet singer of 'Chocolate Rain' viral fame
Stage & screen actor of 'Rent,' 'Chicago,' 'Private Practice'
Pop star of 'Shake it Off,' 'Bad Blood,' 'Blank Space'
Not-ugly serial killer of the 70's; Defended himslef
Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings
Pro Bowl LB for the Patriots (1996-08); ESPN
One of two first people to summit Mt. Everest
Aussie actress of 'Warm Bodies,' 'Hacksaw Ridge'
Actress of 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Lois & Clark' et al.
Pro Bowl WR for 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, et al. ('96-10)
Reclusive director of 'Thin Red Line,' 'Badlands,' etc.
Woman in coma from 1990-05; 'Right-to-die' case
4x Super Bowl champ QB for Steelers; FOX analyst
'Creed,' 'Selma,' & 'Westworld' actress
19th c. Congressman/abolitionist who impeached Johnson
'Pursuit of Happyness,' 'Crash,' & 'Westworld' actress
Baseball GM who led the Red Sox & Cubs to WS rings
26th President of the United States; Bull Moose
Current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Brazilian centre back for Paris Saint-Germaine since 2012
Retired French striker for Arsenal, et al; Ret. in 2014
Frontman of Radiohead; Has a weird eye
3rd U.S. President; Declaration of Independence author
'American Beauty,' 'Ghost World' actress
First black Supreme Court Justice (1967-91)
Yankees catcher (1969-79); Died in plane crash at 32
Frontman & songwriter for Sonic Youth
The other star of 'Sister, Sister'
Actress known for Kelly Kapowski on 'Saved by the Bell'
Younger daughter of the current US president
Prolific golfer; Won 14 majors & one Perkins waitress
One-Line BioPerson
Pro-bowl running back for the Giants (1997-06)
Reality star of 'A Shot at Love...;' Possible Nazi?
Weird actress of 'Michael Clayton,' 'Doctor Strange,' etc.
Director of 'Beetlejuice,' 'Edward Scissorhands,' et al.
Fourth actor to play James Bond
Star & creator of '30 Rock;' 'SNL' alum
Second Lady to VP Al; Cares about Earth too, presumably
Classic actress of 'The Birds,' 'Marnie,' et al.
Actor with breakout 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' role
First big-screen 'Spider-Man' actor;' 'Seabiscuit,' et al.
Country star of 'Red Solo Cup,' 'As Good as I Once was'
Former Missouri Rep. of 'Legitimate rape' infamy
Star of 'Forrest Gump,' 'Big,' 'Philadelphia,' etc. etc.
Young, blonde, unemployed conservative pundit
1968 Gold Track Athlete; Black Panther fist on podium
Actor of 'The Fugitive,' 'Men in Black,' 'Batman Forever'
Nobel Prize winning author of 'Beloved,' et al.
UK Prime Minister from 1997-07
Infamous figure skater of kneecap breaking fame
Singer-songwriter of 'Cornflake Girl,' 'A Sorta Fairytale'
All-star outfielder, primarily for the Twins (1997-15)
7x Pro Bowl WR for the Rams & Jaguars (1998-09)
Billionaire designer of women's fashion, handbags, et al.
Leader of the Haitian Revolution
Comedian of '30 Rock' & 'SNL' fame
Country star of *deep sigh* 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk'
Golden Globe actress of 'Black-ish' & 'Girlfriends'
Comedian of variety show & '[name] Takes On...' fame
Frontman of Gym Class Heroes; Solo hit 'Billionaire'
Famous drummer of Blink-182, et al.
Black teen infamously killed by George Zimmerman
Star of 'Everwood;' 'Once Upon a Time in America'
Frontman of Nine Inch Nails; Film composer
Current host of 'The Daily Show'
Co-creator of 'South Park,' 'Book of Mormon,' et al.
Cult actress of 'Battlestar Galactica,' et al.
Candian center/power forward for the Cavaliers
Hall of fame Cowboys QB (1989-00); FOX commentaor
Author of 'In Cold Blood' & 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
NCAA b-ball champ coach for Kentucky (1997-07)
FoxNews host of '[name] Tonight;' Formerly 'Crossfire'
Murder rapper/actor of 'California Love,' bandanas
16th c. Danish astronomer; Charted planetary motion
2nd most hits in MLB history (1905-28); Very racist
Prolific director of black cinema; Plays 'Madea'
Model & host of 'America's Next Top Model,' et al.
'Shame' R&B singer; 'Fast & Furious' series actor
Starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills
Finals-winning head coach of the Cavaliers
Fastest 100m sprinter in US history; DQ'ed in 2012 games

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