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Can you name these celebrities and other notables who died before age 50?

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One-Line BioPersonC.O.D./Age/Year
Famed Holocaust diary authorTyphus/15/1945
'La Bamba' singerPlane crash/17/1959
French heroine in 100 Yrs. WarBurned at stake/19/1431
Native American, wed white guyIllness/20-21/1617
Bassist of The Sex PistolsOverdose/21/1979
Frontman of The CricketsPlane crash/22/1959
Maryland b-ball star; #2 pickOverdose/22/1986
'Rock the Boat' singer/actressPlane crash/22/2001
'Stand by Me' actorOverdose/23/1993
Tejano singer of 'Como la Flor'Murder/23/1995
'Rebel Without a Cause' actorCar accident/24/1955
Presidential assassinMurder/24/1963
'Juicy,' 'Hypnotize' rapperMurder/24/1997
Pro-Bowl Redskins safetyMurder/24/2007
2x All Star Marlins pitcherBoat accident/24/2016
'Dear Mama,' 'Hit Em Up' rapperMurder/25/1996
'The Dock of the Bay' singerPlane crash/26/1967
'Purple Haze' rock starOverdose/27/1970
'Me and Bobby McGee' singerOverdose/27/1970
Frontman of The DoorsUnknown/27/1971
Famed neo-expressionist artistOverdose/27/1988
Nirvana frontmanSuicide/27/1994
'Rehab' singerAlcohol poisoning/27/2011
'Star Trek' films actorHit by own car/27/2016
Patriots TE & convicted murdererSuicide/27/2017
'The Crow' actorGun accident/28/1993
'The Dark Knight' oscar-winnerOverdose/28/2008
Poet of 'Ozymandias' et al.Drowned at sea/29/1822
Author of 'Agnes Grey'Tuberculosis/29/1849
Author of 'Wuthering Heights'Tuberculosis/30/1848
Founding member of NWAAIDS/30/1995
Famed 'Hallelujah' cover singerDrowning/30/1997
Actor of 'Glee' fameOverdose/31/2013
'Enter the Dragon' kung-fu starCerebral edema/32/1973
Drummer of The WhoOverdose/32/1978
Drummer of Led ZeppelinAlcohol poisoning/32/1980
Member of group TLCCar accident/32/2002
'8 Mile' actressPneumonia/32/2009
Mistress of Adolf HitlerSuicide/33/1945
'SNL,' 'Blues Brothers' actorOverdose/33/1983
Leader of Branch Davidian sectMurder/33/1993
'SNL,' 'Tommy Boy' actorOverdose/33/1997
First man to travel into spaceJet accident/34/1968
Milwaukee serial killer & cannibalMurder/34/1994
Austrian classical composerIllness/35/1791
Blues rock star of 'Pride and Joy'Helicopter crash/35/1990
Founding Wu Tang Clan memberOverdose/35/2004
French 'Reign of Terror' leaderExecution/36/1792
'Seven Year Itch' bombshellOverdose/36/1962
Reggae singer & rasta iconMelanoma/36/1981
One-Line BioPersonC.O.D./Age/Year
Famed Princess of WalesCar accident/36/1997
Renassaince painter; Ninja turtleIllness/37/1520
Dutch post-impresionist painterSuicide/37/1890
Hall-of-Fame Yankees 1BALS/37/1941
Founder of MormonismMurder/38/1844
Author of 'Jane Eyre'Tuberculosis/38/1855
Hall-of-Fame Pirates outfielderPlane crash/38/1972
Fastest woman ever; US sprinterEpileptic seizure/38/1998
'Lost Boys' star with FeldmanOverdose/38/2010
Subject of 'American Sniper'Murder/38/2013
Famed Confederate GeneralFriendly fire/39/1863
1st woman to fly across AtlanticMissing/39/1937
Civil Rights/Nat. of Islam oratorAssassination/39/1965
Marxist revolutionary; Cuba, etc.Execution/39/1967
Civil Rights orator; SCLC headAssassination/39/1968
Playboy model; Old guy-marryerOverdose/39/2007
'The Raven' poet/writerDisputed/40/1849
Author of 'The Metamorphisis'Tuberculosis/40/1924
Beatle; 'Imagine' singerAssassination/40/1980
'Fast & Furious' starCar accident/40/2013
Inventor of the computerSuicide/41/1954
Populist Louisiana Gov. & Sen.Assassination/42/1935
Pres. candidate; Fmr. AG, Sen.Assassination/42/1968
Singer of 'Jailhouse Rock' et al.Heart attack/42/1977
'Handsome' serial killer of 30+Execution/42/1989
Inaugural 'SNL' actressOvarian cancer/42/1989
'Diffrent Strokes' starHead injury/42/2010
'West Side Story' actressDrowning/43/1981
HOF LB primarily of the ChargersSuicide/43/2012
Modern artist of drip-paintingsCar accident/44/1956
Author of 'The Great Gatsby'Heart attack/44/1940
'Let's Get it On' singerMurder/44/1984
TV's 'The Crocodile Hunter'Stingray barb/44/2004
Co-inventor of the airplaneTyphoid fever/45/1912
Queen frontmanAIDS/45/1991
35th US PresidentAssassination/46/1963
WWE & 'The Princess Bride' starHeart failure/46/1993
'Capote,' 'The Master' actorOverdose/46/2014
Crack-smoking Toronto mayorRare cancer/46/2016
Founding Father; Treasury Sec.Murder/47-49/1804
Counselor of the tsar; Holy manAssassination/47/1916
'Wizard of Oz' actress/singerOverdose/47/1969
'On the Road' authorCirrhosis/47/1969
Man famously beat by LAPDDrowning/47/2012
1st openly gay US politicianAssassination/48/1978
'I Will Always Love You' singerDrowning/48/2012
20th US PresidentAssassination/49/1881
American tennis star; 3 SlamsAIDS/49/1993
'SNL,' 'NewsRadio,' actorMurder/49/1998
NASCAR star; 'The Intimidator'Racing accident/49/2001

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