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Can you name the following 50 Characters from Elder Scrolls Oblivion?

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Emperor who gets assassinated
Leader of the Blades
Redguard bodyguard of the Emperor; member of the blades
Wood elf you compete with in 'May the Best Thief Win'
1st fence in the Thieves' Guild
Illegitimate son of answer #1
Target in the quest 'Scheduled for Execution'
Proprietor of the 'Inn of Ill Omen'
The only female guard in the game
Man jailed for performing Dark Brotherhood rituals
Man whom you buy Rosethorn Hall from
Countess of Anvil
Nephew of Baelin
Manservant of Baelin
Innkeeper at Boarding House
Dark elf pirate of the Marie Elena
Master trainer of Hand to Hand
Captain of the Bruma guard
Man whose death you must fake in 'The Assassinated Man'
Umbacano's Nord butler
Innkeeper of the Five Claws Lodge
Dark elf who is allergic to honey
Former Imperial Legion Soldier in Summitmist Manor
The Khajiit warlock at Border Watch
The only person in the game with a tattered hood
Beggar in the Imperial City Waterfront District
The high elf who warns you of the attack on Kvatch
The blacksmith at Castle Bravil and Mythic Dawn sleeper agent
Argonian living in Bogwater who must be killed for 'The Renegade Shadowscale'
Breton basic Security trainer living in Imperial City
Argonian advanced Athletics trainer living in Anvil
Proprietor of the Copious Coinpurse
Man in possession of his own mother's head
Breton Dark Brotherhood assassin with a weakness to garlic
Owner of the Archer's Paradox
Blademaster in charge of the Arena Bloodworks
Argonian basic trainer of sneak living in Bravil
Captain of the Chorrol guard
Head of the Anvil Fighter's Guild
Captain of the Skingrad guard
Redguard necromancer in Vilverin
Twin of Maenlorn
Dealer of skooma and other goods outside of Imperial City
Target for 'Broken Vows' quest
Bookstore owner in Cheydinhal
Head of Bravil Mages Guild
Final Fence for the Thieves' Guild
Housekeeper for your house, Rosethorn Hall
Thieves' Guild fence and Anvil Smithy
Guard who arrests Audens Avidius in 'Imperial Corruption'... Good luck with him.

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