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Can you name the Name the following video game characters?

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Faster than the speed of sound, the magnificent blue blur,
I got the power!!! I got the teeth willing to tear you to shreds, WHY DID BOWSER TIE ME TO THIS POLE!!!
I have been up sooo many skirts, once there was even a golf club and a frying pan up there too,.. *ewww*
Pure california boy, still yet gravity doesnt seem to affect me, I mean HELL look at the size of my sword...
I bet you never guessed she would have a keyblade... lol
Ground pound and they change colors, Hmmm, Now I can make my Yoshi even happier
Once a puppet, time my attacks right, and I can hit 9999
Seriously, purple dragons are pretty lame.
My major game was based on a story book and when I died they just tossed me into a castle... thats so cruel, I mean We are so cute.
Look who can actually eat the peppers ;)
Like we really need another blonde main character, blech... atleast his blue transparent sword is awesome
This guy, is the most scary villian in all of Mario out he may headbutt your knee cap.
am I the only one who wants to shoot a bullet in this galactic frogs forehead?
Whoa... I DIDNT THINK SHE WAS A GIRL!!! Thank you cheat codes... :)
Chug that Moo moo milk!!!
NA-NA-NANA-NA-NA-NANA, I love this little green guy.
Yes she may be the prettiest bear, but theres no need to kidnap her you ugly witch.
Looks like bowser, Smells like bowser, must be a bowser... but, he looks a tad smaller...
We are fun loving colorful creatures, and we love to dance and hid everywhere, Have fun zapping us, if you can find us
Carlos Mencia, dont make a mockery of my favorite king.
This pink puff, sucks and blows, lol
This bad ass ninja, makes the gore fly, by looking very stylish in his fancy scarlet scarf
The blue bomber
His coconut gun, it fires in burst.
Who makes a solid black wall anyways? hell, atleast it makes some seriously cool Nagas
This arctic sonic character packs a big punch
Yes, I have a super form. and it does involve attack flickies
'Play time is OVER!!' Chaos... CONTROL!!!!
Why did she have to be kidnapped by an underground society bent on breaking out civil war across america? Well, screw it, I can always hop back in my jeep for a funny alternate end

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